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Upendra Yadav Is Going To Lead The MJF In The New Government

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The UML central committee decided on Madhav Nepal as their prime ministerial candidate. It is the NC central committee that discussed and decided that they do want to participate in the new government. The TMDP and the SP have held central committee meetings.

Similarly it is for the MJF central committee to decide if it wants to participate in the new government and under whose leadership. The two decisions are a foregone conclusion.
The MJF will participate in the new government.
Upendra Yadav will lead the MJF in the new government just like he did in the previous government lead by Prachanda. It is because Upendra Yadav was unanimously elected party president at the party's last convention.It is not for Madhav Nepal to decide who will lead the MJF in the new government. It is not for the UML, the NC, the TMDP, or the SP to decide who will lead the MJF in the new government. If they try - they will fail, but if they try - this government will not last past six mo…

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The Army Issue Has To Be Discussed In The Parliament


MJF: No Harm Done

Upendra Yadav Should Be Leading The MJF Team In The New Government
Image by AFP/Getty Images via DaylifeBijay Gachhedar's minor rebellion to support the UML-NC coalition was the correct one. He read the mood in the party and the country correctly.
Upendra Yadav's decision to claim leadership of the next government was a bold, smart move. But as soon as it became clear the Maoists were not serious with their offer, he should have realized it was time to backtrack. It was never a mistake to bring Jay Prakash Gupta, Bijay Gachhedar and Sharad Singh Bhandari into the MJF. Jay Prakash Gupta is one of the founders of the MJF. He could very well succeed Upendra Yadav down the line. Upendra Yadav, Bijay Gachhedar and Sharad Singh Bhandari all represent major population constituencies in the Terai, the Yadavs, the Tharus, and the Pahadi origin Teraiwasis. The MJF grew by eating into the Nepali Congress' vote bank in the Terai. The MJF did what the TMDP tried to do but did not do as w…

Upendra Yadav Should Be Leading The MJF Team In The New Government

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Upendra Yadav was unanimously elected the leader of the MJF at the party's convention not long ago.
At that convention Bijay Gachhedar could not even get himself elected central committee member.
It was a mistake to have elected Bijay Gachhedar the parliamentary party leader after the April 2008 election.
Where was Bijay Gachhedar during the MadhesiKranti of 2007?Where was Bijay Gachhedar during the Madhesi Kranti of 2008?If the UML offers to make Bijay Gachhedar the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, that will be the beginning of the end of this UML-led government. It is not for the UML to decide who will lead the MJF in the government. For that the MJF has formed a four member committee: Upendra Yadav, Jay Prakash Gupta, Sharad Singh Bhandari, Bijay Gachhedar.
Upendra Yadav led the MJF in the last government.
Upendra Yadav will lead the MJF in this government. It is true that Upendra Yadav failed to correctly read the mood in the country and in the party. But…

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मधेशी पार्टीले तराईका दिलत र मिहलालाई िचनेनन्
पाँच बुँदा, पाँच चुनाव
मधेसी मोर्चालाई सत्तामा पुर्याउने तिरका
मधेसी अान्दोलनले अब चुनाव िजतेर देखाउनुप्रछ
िगिरजा नेपाललाई स्री लंका बनाउन चाहन्छ
Compromise हुन सक्छ
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माअोवादीको गणतन्त्रको माग जस्तै हो मधेस राज्यको माग
अान्दोलन िक िनर्वाचन: मधेसी र जनजाित पार्ट…

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चार राज्य: कोशी, गण्डकी, कर्णाली, मधेस
बन्दुकधारी मधेसी पार्टीहरूसँग गफ गर्न १० मिहना िढला भइसक्यो
एक मधेस एक प्रदेशकालािग चािहने मोर्चा
पहाडी नेताहरूले मधेशी अान्दोलनबारे बुझ पचाउन खोज्ने दुष्प्रयास
मधेशी अान्दोलनमा अझै पिन अिनश्चय
िनर्वाचन प्रक्िरया बारे बखेडा
Hridayesh Tripathi Kantipur Interview
नेपालमा ४०% मधेशी, मधेशमा ४०% पहाडी
राजेन्द्र महतोसँग बेइमानी भएको छ
माधव नेपालको तालु, प्रचण्डको तालु, िगिरजाको तालु
मधेशी अान्दोलनले छलाङ मारेको छ
माअोवादीले मधेशी अान्दोलनसँग फेिर िनहुँ खोज्न थालेको छ
माअोवादीलाई Triangulate गर्दा दुवै हातमा लड्डु
Prashant Tamang, Saturday, 7 PM
रामचन्द्र झा: तराई अान्दोलनसँगै उठेका मुद्दाहरू
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन िवरूद्धका कुतर्कहरु
प्रभाकर, लीलामिण, अाले मगरलाई भेंट्दा
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनकालािग िगिरजालाई कसरी घुँडा टेकाउने?
Suresh Ale Magar, Prabhakar, Lilamani Pokhrel, Pari Thapa, November 25
माअोवादीलाई Triangulate गर्नुपर्ने भएको छ
िवश्वको राजधानीको िमनी नेपालमा अलोकतान्त्िरक, अपारदर्शी राजनीित
मधेशी मोर्चाको िनर्माण िबना मधेश राज्य संभव छैन
माअोवादीको माफीया …