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New York Metro Nepalis: Organizational Challenges

ANONYM Audio 4 03/31/07
ANONYM Audio 3 03/31/07

As we head towards our May 12 meeting at Yak, I see a few options before us.

(1) The Tara Niraula Option. His organization the America Nepal Friendship Society calls up meetings, and he runs them, once every six months.

(2) The Khagendra GC Option. This is now in play. There is a Coordination Committee. And there is a rotating leadership. So if organization A ran the meeting this time, after all other organizations have done the same, it will be organization A's turn all over again, which will be in about15 years, considering there are about 30 organizations, and we are scheduled to meet once every six months.

(3) The Luna Ranjit Option. Meet more often, maybe once every three months. And have collective leadership. To be honest, I don't know what that means. What is collective leadership? It can mean wonderful cooperation, but then it can also mean everybody's business is nobody's business.

(4) The Anand Bist Option. There is …

Suvechha Adhikari: Youth Representation

Nepalese Politics: It’s Time for Generation Next (By Suvechha Adhikari 10 07)Girija Bahun Baje Dumbass


To all the youth of Nepal struggling for representation and space in current
political and peace process

to ALL the youth of Nepal and would invite you all to "walk together" with
us to secure a space for ourselves in current political and peace process.
Our intent has been to pressurize the CURRENT GOVERNMENT and POLITCAL
PARTIES to acknowledge our efforts and activism in bringing political change
in Nepal and in restoring peace and democracy in Nepal.

When a country is moving through a transition to democratic setup, its
future rests on the foundation of the responsibilities taken up by the
youth. In Nepal, youth have always played an integral role in bringing
social and political change either by participating in the democratic

Gaur: The Organized Crime Angle

Best Option For All: Elections In June
Banning MPRF: Not An Option
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Mainstreaming Maoist Tendencies In The Madhesh

What happened in Gaur should never have happened. And it should not be allowed to repeat. And a thorough investigation has to be conducted. And the guilty have to be brought to book.

There is some speculation criminal gangs were involved. There is talk criminal gangs have been active in those parts of the country for a long time now, that all political parties have worked hand in glove with them, Bihari style. Such a revelation would be a good thing.

There are a few possibilities.

(1) The Maoist and the MPRF cadres clashed, and the violence was not preplanned. It…

Best Option For All: Elections In June

परमेन्द्र भगत नामका नटबरलालबारेIt will be best for all parties concerned in Nepal to hold elections in June.

25 Reasons To Hold Elections In June
The last time we had one was in 1999. It has been almost a decade.
Who elected the current parliament?The sooner the monarchy goes the better. And it will go during session one of the constituent assembly.Once the monachy is abolished, most of the conspiracy theories will fly out the window.
Once the monarchy goes away, the assembly can focus on the key issue of federalism.
The people are going to say a big no to Maoist dictatorial tendencies at the polls.It will be a hung parliament. No single party will attain majority.
The Maoists will emerge the third largest party, if that.
A newly elected parliament will bring forth a government that will do a much better job in the law and order department.
All old and new political parties will get to know their true size.
The Terai now has half of all elected seats, after the Gaur incident the Home Minister&…

Banning MPRF: Not An Option

A cooloff period is understantable. Gaur happened, and if we were to allow scenarios where the MPRF and the Maoists end up clashing, we might see more violent incidents, and that will not be in the best interests of the country. So I am not getting too worked up that the Home Ministry has prevented the planned mass meets of the MPRF following Gaur. These were planned before Gaur happened. The Maoists had planned condolence meetings to coincide with each of those. That was a recipe for further confrontation.

But this has to be a cooloff period at most. This should not be an excuse to do the undemocratic thing of preventing the MPRF from doing its political work. Peaceful protests are a democratic right. Besides what the MPRF has been spearheading is a Madhesi civil rights movement.

There is intense speculation the constituent assembly elections will have to be postponed due to the poor law and order situation in the country and the continued Maoists excesses. The Maoists have continued w…