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A Discussion Thread From Ashutosh Shrivastav's Facebook Page

(I was not able to handle the format there: not conducive to a deep conversation. So I am bringing the material here. Let's engage through Disqus. I am very much into the conversation.)

Paramendra Kumar BhagatYou sound quite skeptical of federalism. Federalism means disunity? Come on. FederalismImage by paramendra via Flickr will mean greater unity, genuine unity, not sham unity where one small political class rules over the rest. July 11 at 11:30pm

Vijay SinghASHUTOSH u tried a lot frm ur side for expressing ur thoughts for the betterment of NATIONALISM... July 12 at 12:59am

Ashutosh Shrivastav@ Paramendra: At this time, I don't believe Federalism is an answer. We need to know why Zones and Districts were created and if they could be replaced by federal states.

@ Vijay: It's just a clip of the speech. If I get a copy of full video of the speech, I'll post it here.

Paramendra Kumar BhagatSo you are not for federalism? Is that what I hear? Zones are so Panchayat. July 12 at 5…

Upendra Yadav's Options

Prachanda's Mistake
The issue has not been if Katuwal is a good guy or a bad guy. (Gurung Not Katawal For Army Chief August 2006)
The issue has not been if he should be sacked.
Prachanda messed up on the procedure. He had to get all his coalition partners to agree. He did not do that.
After all his coalition partners had agreed, he needed to send his decision to the president. He bypassed the president. He messed up again.
The president then would have had the option to send the decision back to the cabinet for reconsideration.
The cabinet would have had the option then to send it back to the president. At that point the president would have had no option but to send the decision to the army chief.
Thereby the Army Chief would have been duly sacked.
Prachanda's Continued Mistake
Then prime minister Prachanda did what he did.
The president did what he did.The president's decision has been challenged in court.
The parliament, Prachanda and Madhav Nepal should give the court space.
Rule …

Madhesi Movement And Peace Process: Rethink Time?

Image by paramendra via FlickrBoth the Madhesi Movement and Nepal's peace process are at a delicate juncture at this moment. There is major lawlessness in the country, especially in the Terai. A political paralysis has gripped the country. The largest Madhesi party has undergone a vertical split. The Maoists are doing all they can to disrupt government work until a new government in their leadership is formed. Basic due process has been disrespected, either through ignorance or ill will, by all and sundry. The peace process is at its lowest point since the 12 point agreement between the Maoists and then seven parties in late 2005.

The Maoists are not about to reignite a civil war. But is lawlessness not bad enough news? Is the current political paralysis not bad enough news? Nothing much is getting done. The work on building the institutions of democracy is at halt.

It is important for the largest six parties in the parliament to work hard to revive the spirit of the 12 point agreem…

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