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Who Should Lead A Unified Madhesi Party

I am not a huge fan of Gachhedar at all. The guy walks in a Kathmandu parade with a mafia don. That is hugely problematic. But he seems to have the numbers for now. And he symbolically does represent the largest ethnic group in the Terai: the Tharus. Yadavs are number two. Going by the current numbers Gachhedar seems to beat Yadav. But, forget Yadav, not even the MJF(D) and TMLP have taken concrete steps towards unification. And the SP has not taken concrete steps either. So far the three have suggested they'd rather be an alliance than a unified party. If they can forge an electoral alliance and not compete against each other, that can also be a positive move.

Chairperson: Mahantha Thakur
President: Bijay Gachhadar
Vice President: Upendra Yadav
Vice President: Rajendra Mahato
Vice President: Sharad Singh Bhandari

But the whole debate is kind of moot. Because the presidency of the party should be decided through a general convention, not through living room negotiations. A unif…

The President Must Pass Election Related Ordinances

President Ram Baran Yadav must pass the election related ordinances that was passed on to him by the Baburam led cabinet months ago. That is his constitutional duty. One caretaker government can not be replaced by another caretaker government. It has to be replaced by an elected government. Allowing a caretaker government in power for longer than one year is wrong. Normally, in a democracy, a caretaker government sticks around for six months maximum. But that time frame was breached by the president himself. He refused to pass the election related ordinances. He can not do that.

Reviving the constituent assembly is a problematic proposition. And the Nepali Congress has rejected every single reasonable proposal put forth by Baburam.

Instead of giving deadlines to political parties Ram Baran Yadav should give a deadline to himself and pass the election related ordinances.

Polls far-off for Dahal, seeks CA rebirth
If in case Dahal fails to sell his CA revival agenda to other parties ag…

The State Of Nepali Politics: A Diagram

There are two broad camps: there are the federalists, and there are the anti-federalists. Within the federal camp there are frictions. The CPN(M) competes with the UCPN(M). The FDF competes with the UDMF. But then the federalist Social Democratic Party competes with the Nepali Congress, and the Federal Socialist Party competes with the UML. Perhaps it is unrealistic to seek complete unity among federalists.
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Mohan Baidya Has A Point

When all is said and done Nepal will have ended up like India, not China. India does not have a monarchy. India has federalism. The Indian democracy is not my idea of an attempt at classlessness. (China is not my idea of a democracy, but that is another topic.)

So far the Baidya-Badal group has used the party split as a pressure tactic upon the mother party. If you correct your ways we will reunite is the message.

Consolidating the achievements made so far - republic, secularism, federalism - is a sound strategy on the parts of the likes of Baburam Bhattarai. A Maoist return to an armed insurgency will simply undo the concrete achievements without bringing forth the classic Maoist dictatorship.

If an armed insurgency is not an option and if becoming India-like is not enough, what is to be done? I believe that option is non-violent. And it turns Nepal into a democracy unlike India, and gives Nepal a political system different from China.

The goal has to be to write a constitution i…

Socialist Democratic Party: Welcome

Adivasi Janajati Awakening
The Janajati Party
Finally A Janajati Party
10 States

New Janajati party announced
The new party has Chaitanya Subba, Jyoti Dunuwar, Bal Kumari Budamagar, Pasang Sherpa, Dalmardan Karki, Nima Gyanzen Lhyolmo,and Kumar Rai as its top leaders.Ethnic leaders, activists unveil new party
The leaders who failed to join earlier announced Ashok Rai-led Federal Socialist Party, citing their ideological difference with them, announced new party amidst a function in the capital today, a month after the establishment of Rai-led party. ....... Chaitanya Subba, Pasang Sherpa, Krishna Bhattachan .. Kumar Rai .... a 7-member presidium and 52-member working committee. In the presidium Chaitanya Subba, Pasang Sherpa, Bamkumari Budhamagar, Dalmardan Karmi, Nimagyaljon Hyalmo, Jyoti Danuwar are the membersJanajati to declare new party
The new Janajati party which is reported to have 53-member ad-hoc committee, is reported to be led by leader Chaitanya Subba. Related articlesBid to for…

How To Revive The Constituent Assembly

Two thirds or more of the members of the dissolved constituent assembly should submit their signatures to Subhash Nembang who would then be forced to declare the assembly revived. That is how. Or what? I think the assembly should be revived for a six month period.

Federalism And CA Revival
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On his return from India President Yadav says parties should resolve crisis on their own
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