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िगिरजा, माधव, प्रचण्ड सब एक जैसे हैं

िगिरजा, माधव, प्रचण्ड सब एक जैसे हैं। ये तीनों पहाडी बाहुन मधेसीके िवरूद्ध षडयन्त्र करना शुरु कर िदए हैं। वैसे षडयन्त्र बन्द ही कब िकए थे? लेिकन अब िफर कसके शुरु िकए हैं।

२०४६ के संिवधानका सब कुछ एक एक कर के गायब िकया जा रहा है। जैसे िक राजतन्त्रकी समाप्ती, या शाही सेनाकी लोकतानिन्त्रकरण, आिद इत्यािद। लेिकन उस संिवधानके अन्तरगतके जो २०५ संसदीय सीट हैं उनको कायम रखनेकी सािजश हो रही है।

िगिरजा, माधव, प्रचण्डका लोकतन्त्र एक व्यिक्त एक मतवाला लोकतन्त्र नहीं है। िगिरजा, माधव, प्रचण्डके लोकतन्त्रमें पहाडीको एक मत अौर मधेसीको आधा मत प्राप्त है।

दुखकी बात ये है िक ये तीनों मधेश से ही चुनाव लडेंगे, मधेश से ही चुनाव िजतेंगे अौर मधेश से ही राजस्व उसुल कर के मधेश पर ही शासन करेंगे। उसको उपिनवेशवाद कहते हैं। िगिरजा समाजवादी नहीं है, माधव मार्क्सवादी नहीं है, प्रचण्ड माअोवादी नहीं है। ये तीनो उपिनवेशवादी हंै।

एक समय हुवा करता था जब जगन्नाथ िमश्रा िबहारसे चुनाव िजत्ता था अौर मुख्यमन्त्री हुवा करता था। लेिकन हो गया उसका सफाया। ठीक उसी तरह इन तीनों का भी सफाया होना जरुरी है मधेशसे।

२०४६ के अान्दोलन के बारे…


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Nepal Preace Process: Breakthrough On Arms Issue, UML Has New ... United We Blog, Nepal UML’s stands come at a time when all parties have almost reached consensus on major issues. UML stands are following: 1. The voting list of the referendum of 2037 BS should be the basis of distributing citizenship. [A bill with the provision of providing citizenship to all people born before or in 2046 is under consideration in the parliament. Earlier, UML agreed on the bill. When the cabinet passed the bill, no UML ministers raised voice against that.] 2. A referendum must be held to decide the fate of monarchy. [The summit talks on Bhadra 24 had decided that the first meeting of the CA would decide the fate of monarchy: to continue it or not. Nepali Congres is strictly against the referendum arguing that going for voting will give opportunity for the king to play the game. Even Maoists are now against the referendum saying that April Uprising was the biggest referendum in which people expressed …

The Maoists And The Mafia

If you claim to be a parallel state, and some tourist refuses to pay you your "tax," you don't beat them up, you tell them they may not go trekking as planned, end of story. No state may commit human rights abuses, period.

The Maoist militia is not capable of doing the work of the police. The police are trained for law enforcement work. The Maoist militia simply do not have that kind of training. And so the Maoists have managed to create this vacuum in which there is much lawlessness. The Maoists themselves are misbehaving. And there are criminals who have either penetrated the Maoist organizational structure, or are pretending to be Maoists. And there are organized gangs operating in the murky waters. And there are the displaced police personnnel, as well as some corrupt elements in the police and the army who are making hay while the confusion lasts.

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