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Six Party Government Advisable

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)220Nepali Congress110Communist UML103MJF52Terai Madhesh Democratic Party20Sadbhavana Party9
Total 514

Prime Minister: Prachanda
Speaker: Chitralekha
Deputy Speaker: Subash Nembang
Home: Upendra Yadav
Defense: Badal
Finance: Mahat
Foreign: UML

Six Party Steering Committee

The president of each party would be members of that steering committee. All the major decision of the six party government will be taken by this committee.

Basic Agreements On The Next Constitution
Direct elections for an executive presidency. Winning candidate must get at least 50% of the votes cast, if not a second round between the top two candidates. Four year term. A limit of two terms for any one person.
Eight state federalism: Khasan, Tharuwan, Magart, Tamuwan, Tamang, Newa, Kirat, Madhesh. Retain the 75 districts.
100 seat upper house. Party based fully proportional election. At least every other name on a party's list must be female.
240 seat lower house. 75 districts are turned into 7…

Another Seven Party Government?

Maoists 120 + 100 = 220 (36%)
NC 37 + 70 = 107 (18%)
UML 33 + 67 = 100 (16%)
MJF 29 + 20 = 49 (8%)
TMDP 9 + 10 = 19 (3%)
Sadbhavana 4
Janamorcha 2

Total = 501

Prime Minister = Maoist
Speaker = NC (Chitralekha: bring her in as a cabinet appointment)
Deputy Speaker = UML
Home Ministry = MJF
Defense = Maoist
Finance = NC
Foreign = UML

MJF gets twice as many cabinet positions as the TMDP. The UML and the NC get twice many as the MJF. The Maoists get twice as many as the NC. The four biggest parties get to share the top portfolios.

In The News

Maoists hold on to their lead as PR counting nears end NepalNews Maoists have bagged 30,47,308 votes ..... total 1,01,86,262 votes cast. ...... The Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) is in fourth position with 597,954 votes followed by Terai Madhes Loktantrik Party (TMLP) with 309,768 votes. ..... the PR vote counting could be completed by Thursday. ..... The EC has said that after calculating the number of seats fo…

तराईमा मधेस र थारुवान गरी दुई राज्य हुन सक्छन

तराईमा मधेस र थारुवान गरी दुई राज्य हुन सक्छन्

७५ िजल्ला कायम राख्दै चार भौगोिलक राज्य कोशी, गण्डकी, कर्णाली र तराई स्थापना गर्ने भनेर मैले भन्दै अाएको छु। तर नेपाली जनताले माअोवादी पार्टीलाई िदएको ठुलो मात्राको मत देख्दा त्यस बारे िवचार गर्नु पर्ने मैले बुझेको छु।

अब मेरो प्रस्ताव यस प्रकारको छ। ७५ िजल्ला कायम राख्ने र अाठ राज्यको स्थापना गर्ने: खसान, मगरात, तम्बुवान, तामाङ, नेवा, िकरात, थारुवान, र मधेस।

राप्ती नदीभन्दा पश्िचम मधेसी पार्टीहरूले बाँकेमा दुई सीट िजतेको देिखयो फोरमले। अाफ्नो मास बेस नै नभएको क्षेत्रमा पिन अाफ्नै नक्शा लाद्ने प्रयास शायद उपयुक्त नहोला। बरू राप्ती पुर्वका सबै तराई िजल्लाहरू िमलाएर एउटै समग्र मधेस राज्यको स्थापना बढी उपयुक्त होला िक?

मुख्य झगडा नक्शाको होइन, मुख्य झगडा शक्ित बाँडफाँडको हो। राष्ट्रपितको प्रत्यक्ष िनर्वाचन हुन्छ िक हुँदैन? उपल्लो सदनकालािग दलीय पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन हुन्छ िक हुँदैन? तल्लो सदनकालािग ७५ िजल्लालाई ७५ बहुसदस्यीय िनर्वाचन क्षेत्र (पाँच बुँदा, पाँच चुनाव) बनाइन्छ िक बनाइँदैन? नेपाल सेनामा मधेसी समुदायको समानुपाितक प्रितिनिधत्व हुन…

Are The Maoists Anti-Madhesi?

Maoist eager to work with MJF: Dr Bhattarai his party was ready to join hands with the one-time archrival of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) in forming a new coalition government. ..... his party would also like to work with other Terai based parties like Terai-Madhesh Loktantrik Party and Sadbhawana Party. ...... Bhattarai denied the foremost demand of the Terai parties for a single Madhes province in a federal Nepal. .... MJF has emerged as the biggest regional party
MJF likely to give Maoists a hard time Himalayan Times Our cooperation with the Maoists will largely depend on how they address the issues of Madhes,” said MJF coordinator Upendra Yadav. He urged the Maoists to make their stance clear on the issues of autonomous Madhes, federal democratic republic, proportional representation of the Madhesis in all sectors and empowerment of the Madhesis, aboriginal nationalities, Dalits and all other marginalised groups. ...... “If they continue to tilt towards the extreme left, it will…

Non Maoist Government Possible, All Party Government Advisable

The Maoists will end up with 240 out of 601 seats in the constituent assembly, looks like. That is nowhere close to a majority. If all the non Maoist forces were to come together, the Maoists will be the largest but a minority presence in the assembly.

Technically speaking a non Maoist government is still possible. Politically it might be desirable that all the other parties decided they are sick and tired of the muscle politics of the Maoists.

Morally it is not advisable. The largest party should have some say. But then after Rajiv Gandhi's Congress lost in 1989, it was still the largest party, but it did not get a majority, and so it stayed out.

Practically speaking what would be best would be to form an all party government with the largest party leading. That way the Maoists don't end up with all the plum portfolios. Maoists might get Defense, the NC might get Home, the UML might get Foreign, the MJF might get Finance.

Such an all party government will be a better way to check…

Coalition Government, But Which Coalition Partners

If the NC and the UML stay away, all the rest will have to come together to cross the 50% mark. It might end up a Maoist and Madhesi Alliance government. Or it might end up a minority government by the Maoists propped up by the rest. The non Maoist parties might go for that to have a better shot at the parliamentary elections when they are held in about two years.

I would urge the Madhesi Alliance to not fall for that logic. Joining the government would be the best way to:
Ensure a Madhesh state.Hold respectful peace talks with the armed Madhesi groups.
Do good work on the constitution.Send the message out to the Madhesi masses that power is possible.Do work on census and citizenship.
Maoists 119 + 125 = 244
NC 33 + 90 = 123
UML 30 + 93 = 123
MJF 23 + 16 = 39
RPP 11
Sadbhavana 3
Independent 2
Janamorcha 1

Total 555/601

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