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Unification Of Madhesi Parties

MJF sets its political ideology the convention decided to broaden the party scope by distributing membership to people from hilly districts, adding that his party will make efforts for unification of all Madhes based parties. A unification of the Madhesi parties is an idea whose time has come. The five Madhesi parties have to come together and start having national ambitions. The April 10, 2008 election results should be the basis for the unification.
Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF)Terai Madhesh Loktantric Party (TMLP)Sadbhavana Party (SP)Nepal Sadbhavana PartyDalit Janajati Party
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I think Nepali Janadhikar Forum would be an apt name for the unified party.

Party President

Upendra Yadav is the obvious name. He leads the largest party, that's why. That is the democratic way.

Central Secretariat: 11 Members

The leaders of the five parties would be members. Six others from the two largest parties would also come in, per…

What Shape Federalism?

April Revolution: One For World History?

The number one question I am asking as to Nepal's next constitution is will or will not Nepal choose to become a multi-party democracy of state-funded parties? That is the supreme question. The number two question I am asking is will or will not Nepal end up with a federal parliament that is at least one third female by law? If Nepal can take these two big steps, Nepal will have become the number one democracy on the planet, and the April Revolution 2006 and the two Madhesi movements together will have been the French Revolution for this 21st century. In becoming a multi-party democracy of state-funded parties, Nepal will have synthesized the two major streams in global politics in the past century, namely capitalism and communism. Communism failed for lack of politcal pluralism. Capitalism failed by deviating from one person one vote democracy.

Federalism: Contention On The Map

This is likely to be the primary contentious issue in the consti…

CPN (Maoist) To CPN (Deng)?

CPN (Maoist) To CPN (Deng)

When I heard rumors recently that the Maoists of Nepal might change the name of their party, I was hoping they would become CPN (Deng Xiaoping).

Mao was a disaster in power. He was terrible for the Chinese economy. The numbers show.

The Chinese Success Story

Deng Xiaoping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Deng never held office as the head of state or the head of government, but served as the de facto leader of the People's Republic of China from 1978 to the early 1990s. ........ instrumental in introducing a new brand of socialist thinking, having developed Socialism with Chinese characteristics and Chinese economic reform, also known as the socialist market economy and partially opened China to the global market. ..... generally credited with advancing China into becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world and vastly raising the standard of living. .......... Deng changed China from a country obsessed with mass political movements to a c…

Who Killed Journalist Uma Singh?

A minister out of reins

One of the influential leaders of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (now Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)) Matrika Yadav always draws attention once he joins the government -- sometimes by seizing red sandalwood, and at other times by locking Local Development Officer in toilet. Most recently, his seizure of land belonging to Birendra Sah, an ordinary citizen at Mirchaiya, Siraha district, has become a topic of hot discussion. In his effort to prove that he is different from the others, Yadav has come to believe that he is above the law, which is his illusion.

His relationship with his party and the party's Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has soured over his act of seizing a citizen's land. He had to resign even from the cabinet after his party asked him to apologize on behalf of the party over the case. After being relieved from his ministerial responsibilities, Yadav is busy participating in programs organized by his party's sister o…

Madhesi Movement: Next Phase

The three major Madhesi parties are in a resurgent mood. The internal wrangling inside the MJF is not the murmur before a split, that is the murmur before a new, heightened sense of unity and mission. The TMLP is in a major growth phase. Now that the Congress cadres in the Terai know that the best days of the Congress in the Terai are in the past, they are thronging to the TMLP in large numbers. The Congress no longer feels like the elephant in the room in the Terai. It is on its way to what happened to the Congress in India in Bihar and Utter Pradesh. A once mighty party ended up with a token presence in both those states.

There are those who are unhappy that former Congress leaders like Jaya Prakash Gupta, Bijay Gachhedar, Renu Yadav, and Sharad Singh Bhandari have kind of taken over the party. They need to understand that the MJF's primary tussle in the Terai for the April 10 elections was with the Congress, and so the MJF did what the TMLP tried to do, but did not succeed. Both…