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It is now time to form a new government that would include all parties except the Maoists. Jhala Nath Khanal would be the right person to lead that government.

This is not a Katuwal issue. This is an issue of the Maoists having lost the confidence of the parliament. The Maoist government no longer has majority support. The MJF has to join forces with the UML, and the Sadbhavana. The NC has to support the new government by joining it. The TMLP has to join the new government.

Rule of law is supreme. How to integrate the two armies? Go to rule of law. How to sack or not sack the army chief? Go to rule of law.

In The News

UML, Sadhawana decide to pull out of govt; UML ministers resign NepalNews
Bhattarai claims army firmly behind govt decision; NC ramps up support for no-confidence motion against govt
President unhappy with govt's sack order to Army chief, starts consultations
OHCHR urges parties to maintain restraint
Demonstrations for and against decision to sack army chief
Govt decides to sack CoAS Katawal; Khadka acting chief; Four coalition partners oppose decision
Katawal 'turns down' sack order

Nepali Sadbhavana Party decides to quit gov't Xinhua

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Anonymous said…
P.M.Neta JhalaNathji pls,don't be the broker of China like moist.Run the country peacefully otherwise next jhapad is waiting for u.First stand on our leg before adversing India.

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