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White Paper: A Major Diaspora Milestone

A White Paper: Some Perspectives of North American Nepali Diaspora on Terai Conflicts
We, the individual members of Nepali Diaspora in North America, have been very supportive of the recent democratic movement in Nepal. It is our firm belief that democratic governance based on the rule of law and the embodiment of the principles of inclusion, equality, accountability, transparency, and responsibility is the best route for empowering Nepali people. We view the formation of the interim Government and preparation for the Constituent Assembly elections as welcome steps towards consolidating the democratic process in the country. We, the concerned members of Nepali Diaspora, however, are deeply troubled by the recent developments in the Terai, and dissatisfied with the handling of these developments by the Government. The deadly incidents in Nepalganj, Lahan, Gaur and many other places in the Terai demonstrate failure of the Government to engage the leaders of Madhesh movement towards reso…

Chitralekha Yadav And Friends

There was an invite in my inbox from ambassador Madhuji for Tuesday evening. Paramendraji, will you come? I replied back saying I am honored he asked me. So I showed up at his fancy Upper East Side residence Tuesday evening. I was the first to show.

It was to be an elaborate evening. The visiting Nepali dignitaries showed. Most of the politically active Nepali leaders in the city had been invited. I missed Anil Shahi though. He just so happens to be the staunchest republican in the city I know. Karma Gyalden Sherpa and his GFIPN comrades were also conspicuous by their absence.

I was a nice guy. I went for orange juice. No fancy drinks for me. Later on there was Desi dinner, and dessert. Lalmohan, yoghurt, icecream. I had a second serving of yoghurt. The ambassador's wife insisted I also take a second serving of icecream, so I did. I have met the couple at many a Nepali event. They are the ex officio chief guests at most events.

The first evening I was not able to much break ice with …

Chitralekha Yadav And Friends: Photos 3