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CK Lal: New School Event: April 30


Enduring Everest By Ajay Thakur

Enduring Everest By Ajay Thakur

Enduring Everest By Ajay Thakur

Chapter 7: Letter From Ministry

It was one December morning, unusually bright, as the mist of pollution had settled down with the rains day before, making snow visible on the mountains far beyond in Nagarkot, like a deity. Sky was clear and spotless, sun felt cold as the wind blew unkindly. I put on my big jacket which I had bought in Buffalo.

It felt good walking and most things passed unnoticed, in the joyfulness of the morning.

Unlike most other ministries, health ministry was in a modern new building, with the red bricks wall. Just beside the main entrance, there was a small army post, with two army personnel pointing the gun towards the gate through a hole, each had the finger on their trigger; it seemed comical as it implied, they sure knew the trouble will start in the front. As I entered the gate, one of them called and asked me for the identity card. I showed my citizenship card. They inquired about the purpos…

Nepalis In New York And The NRN Movement

Looks like there is some kind of a NRN event in New York City next month and I have been approached by a friend to try and get a VIP local politician to show up as the Chief Guest. I have a State Senator friend in mind, Bill Perkins of Harlem who was the first elected official in New York to support Obama when he first ran for president. Once I know the precise date and time for the event, I can try and approach him to see if he is available.

New York City For Barack Obama 1-10
Staff, Volunteers, Elected Officials
DL21C Annual Summer Bash: Barack Won The Straw Poll

The conversation made me think though. I was the only Nepali in America to have worked full time for Nepal's democracy movement of 2006, and later the Madhesi movement. But my style was one of digital activism. I did not join any organization.

I have a newfound interest in Nepal. That's there. But it is hard for me to ignore some of the very real issues the Nepali community in New York City, in America, and the worl…

Nepali Slaves In The Middle East

Source: The Guardian