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Ye To Had Ho Gayee

This video clip has been making the rounds right now among some Nepalis.

Some people are rightly offended. But those same people were okay when artists like Santosh Pant made fun of the Madhesis on TV. This particular clip does not have it, but the program did.

And then there is this.

An American getting offended that Nepal's Kumari got stripped of her spiritual status because she visited the US is not insulting, I don't think it is. Really though, why would you strip Kumari's status just because she visited some country? And I don't think Colbert is acting offended, I think he is trying to act funny.

People have a right to burn flags. It is called free speech.

And this offended some Indians, take this.

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Baburam Compared To Barack

Haaretz: The audacity of hope in Nepal
It is hard to think of two cultures more dissimilar than those of America and Nepal. The first glorifies an individual's ability to change in order to get ahead and overcome the many obstacles in his path. Therefore there is no story more beloved than a "Cinderella" tale: Against all the odds, thanks only to their abilities, a poor person breaks through and achieves amazing things. Nepalese culture, however, sanctifies the individual's ability to accept and come to terms with the way things are in a way that will not damage the purity of his soul. You're in distress? Don't fight it; learn to live with it. Change will come only in the inner realm of the soul.

While the Americans glorify deeds, the Nepalis believe in miracles. Acceptable behavior is also entirely different: If the American is extroverted, the Nepali is introverted. If the American extravagantly shares all his troubles and achievements, the Nepali hides the…

Badhai Jiba Lamichhane Lai


Brikhesh Chandra Lal On The New Alliance


NRN Event At Thakali Kitchen

I happened by the NRN event at the Thakali Kitchen yesterday. I was out and about taking pictures when two people from out of town - Ratan Jha and Mukesh Singh - showed up on my camera's screen.

I show up for events. I don't join organizations. That has been my style. That was my style also when I was doing full time work for Nepal's democracy and Madhesi movements.

It was good to see people like Temba Sherpa do a major membership drive for the NRN organization in the city recently. Nepali organizations in the diaspora tend not to be mass based. And Nepalis in the city are light years away from even wanting - let alone achieving - voting rights in this city. That probably is my number one reason to not become a formal part of the NRN movement, and to stay put with my limited involvement at the city level in mainstream politics.

The NRN movement has fundamental deficiencies. The urge for "consensus" instead of going for democratic, competitive elections hinder…

Baburam Bhattarai: Good News

May 29, 2011: Where To From Here?
March 20, 2005: Doing Business With Baburam Bhattarai

The guy is honest. He is smart. He is a communist, but he is not dogmatic. He is socially progressive. A few years back he compared the plight of the Madhesis in Nepal with the blacks in South Africa during the apartheid regime.

For the first time I am feeling like the peace process in Nepal might finally pick up pace. This alliance between the Maoists and the Madhesi parties also makes sense politically on the ground. The Maoists rule the hills and the western Terai, the Madhesi parties hold sway over the rest of the Terai. The Maoists compete with the Congress and the UML in their strongholds, the Madhesi parties compete with the Congress and the UML, but primarily the Congress in their strongholds. This Maoist-Madhesi alliance might prove relevant also after the parliamentary elections after the new constitution. The Congress and the UML are the parties of the 1990 constitution. The Maoists an…

Bits And Pieces


At The Buspark (2)

At The Buspark (2), Kentucky Blues
At The Buspark

The legend has it I got beat up at the buspark and that is where it all started.

The truth is nobody laid hands on me. My classmates who plotted the whole thing were so scared of me they did not bother showing up themselves. They knew they had to come back to school once the vacation was over. Where were they gonna go?

Another meme has it that my grades nosedived because I started chasing girls. It was an all boys boarding school.

A third story line says I was not a math and science guy. I was an English Literature person. And so I did not do well for the A Levels Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The truth is that for the nationwide exam I sat for at the end of the year my score for science was the highest in class. I failed O Levels English Literature.

But let's start with the bare facts. I never hit anyone. No one at any point ever hit me. I never got into any fight. I never feared anyone while at school, before, during and aft…

Darshan Rauniyar For Congress


Bryan Adams In Kathmandu

Two Chief Guests: Non Resident Nepali Gathering: Times Square: June 25

Budding banker steals Bryan Adams' show in Nepal it was a 27-year-old budding banker who found herself a celebrity overnight with her face in the major newspapers Sunday..... For Brinda Singh, an executive with the Bank of Kathmandu, it was the icing on the cake. Her greatest joy was on being chosen by the Canadian rock star - from among nearly 20,000 cheering fans at the Dasharath Stadium - to walk up on the glittering stage and croon with him..... Dhaka, where he had sung at the inaugural programme of the 2011 World Cup, set Kathmandu's crowds cheering during his nearly two-hour concert by beginning with American rock singer Bob Singer's 1976 hit, 'Katmandu', and later, introducing himself by saying, 'Hello Nepal, I am Bryan Adams'...... he beckoned to the crowds, saying he wanted female accompaniment for the 1990s chartbuster single, 'When you are gone', originally sung with M…

Economic Revolution In Nepal And The NRN Movement

Two Chief Guests: Non Resident Nepali Gathering: Times Square: June 25

An economic revolution would be near double digit growth rates year in year out for 30 years. But the country has to get a new constitution first, and it will, it is only a matter of time.

I was The Reason the political revolution happened in Nepal in 2006. And I am going to be The Reason an economic revolution takes place in Nepal. Ma New York City ma Barack Obama ko Top Volunteer. Manhattan For Obama sangathan ko sansthapak le America ko sambidhan sansodhan garna parchha taki yo manchhe kunai deen rashtrapati ka lagi lados bhaneko manchhe. America aayeko chha mahina bhitra US South ko top liberal arts college ko student union president ko election jiteko manchhe. College ko 150 barsha ko itihas ma kahile na bhayeko kura. America aunu agadi high school pachhhi Nepal ma dui wata MP bhayeko party ko upmahasachib pad khayeko manchhe.

Bhanne bela ma Pahadi haroo le malai patrakar bhan dine garya chhan. Maile patrak…

The Most Important Question To Ask In Kathmandu

There must be other ways to unite Nepalis other than by simply blaming India.What could those other ways be? #nepalunitesless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyUjwal Thapa

Rajesh Ahiraj Has A Right To Free Speech

(Some parts of the chat has been edited out)

Rajesh Ahiraj

37 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
kaise hay

37 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
thik hain? aap kaise hain?

37 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
may bhi...

37 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
how are things?
all that arrest and stuff -- is that all behind you?

36 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
sab kuchh aap kesamne hay.....

35 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
what? i am not getting it
lafra abhi bhi chal raha hai ki all that is over?
i don't know

35 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
kalh suprem court me final peshi hay

34 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
i am in the dark
i just saw the picture of your being handcuffed and that is all i know'
is there some place online where you have posted all the details?
i want to know
right now i don't even know what the charges are

33 minutes ago Rajesh Ahiraj
www madheshvani com

32 minutes ago Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
nahi yaar, that site is there, i am talking about the specific case
what a…

Where To From Here?

A New Prime Minister

An all party government that commands at least two thirds majority in the parliament would be the best for giving the country a new constitution. When the three big parties and all the Madhesi parties get together, I think they reach that mark, although I will have to crunch the numbers.

I think it would be fair that such a government be led by a Maoist since they are the largest party in the parliament. Accepting a Maoist at the head of an all party government will also help build trust that is essential to taking the peace process to the next level.

That person I believe is Baburam Bhattarai. If the Maoists manage to secure a simple majority on their own after the next parliamentary elections, it will be entirely upto the Maoist party to decide as to who their prime ministerial candidate will be. But right now they don't have that simple majority. And so they have to be okay with letting Baburam Bhattarai be Prime Minister. He did an excellent job when he …

Finally A Janajati Party

Image via WikipediaRepublica: Lekhi launching new party Sunday: Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (Nefin) President Raj Kumar Lekhi is all set to announce a new political party called Nepali Citizens Party (NCP) .... a seven-member central committee with representatives from indigenous groups, Muslim comunity, Dalits, women and other backward classes of society. ..... the new party will form its organization in about 35 district in the first phase. ...... Bijay Danuwar, Nagendra Rajbanshi, Chandra Kumar Chaudhari, Tajmohammed Miya, Chandrakala Gurung, and Raj Kumar Regmi. ...... Danuwar is an ex-secretary of Nefin while Miya is the chairman of Nepal Muslim Federation. Similarly, Rajbanshi is Nefin vice chairman and Chaudhari is the chairman of the Tharu Welfare Council. Likewise Gurung is ex-chairman of the National Indigenous Women´s Federation and Regmi is the chairman of Society of Parliamentary Affairs Journalists. ..... Nefin, an umbrella organization of indigenous…

CK Lal: New School Event: April 30


Enduring Everest By Ajay Thakur

Enduring Everest By Ajay Thakur

Enduring Everest By Ajay Thakur

Chapter 7: Letter From Ministry

It was one December morning, unusually bright, as the mist of pollution had settled down with the rains day before, making snow visible on the mountains far beyond in Nagarkot, like a deity. Sky was clear and spotless, sun felt cold as the wind blew unkindly. I put on my big jacket which I had bought in Buffalo.

It felt good walking and most things passed unnoticed, in the joyfulness of the morning.

Unlike most other ministries, health ministry was in a modern new building, with the red bricks wall. Just beside the main entrance, there was a small army post, with two army personnel pointing the gun towards the gate through a hole, each had the finger on their trigger; it seemed comical as it implied, they sure knew the trouble will start in the front. As I entered the gate, one of them called and asked me for the identity card. I showed my citizenship card. They inquired about the purpos…