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The Polarization Is A Good Thing

Consensus is a strange political concept. Frankly it is a Panchayati concept. Consensus was what the king wanted to happen.

2006 saw a polarization between the pro king and the anti king forces. That polarization was a good thing. Today the polarization is between the federalist forces and the anti federalist forces. This polarization is also a good thing.

Once a democratically legitimate government acquires the status of a caretaker government, that government stays in place until another elected government shows up to take its place. That is the democratic way.

The quickest way for the NC and the UML to get rid of Baburam Bhattarai is to speed up the elections and to do well in those elections.

But I think the NC and the UML know they are not going to do well at the polls. So to them political paralysis itself is achievement. Elections will mean federalism. But political paralysis means federalism is denied. And in paralysis they see victory.

It is not for a constitutional head …

Mahantha Thakur For PM

The Maoists will not agree to any NC or UML person. The NC and the UML will not agree to any Maoist name. But none of those three parties have said they will not agree to the Mahantha Thakur name. Perhaps efforts should be made to get all parties to coalesce around the Mahantha Thakur name.

Prez to extend deadline if parties fail to forge consensus
Five days on, consensus on new prime ministerial candidate remains elusive as ruling parties have rejected to give government leadership to both Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, the two main opposition parties. The ruling UCPN (Maoist) has announced that they were ready to offer alternative candidate from within the ruling alliance if there was no consensus on Baburam Bhattarai, but not ready to give away leadership to the opposition parties.UML rejects Maoists leading new govt

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A Non Political PM?

The NC and the UML will stay opposed to the Baburam name, as that of any other Maoist. And the Maoists will not accept any NC person for the same. Prachanda's push for the Mahantha Thakur name is interesting but not serious. He knows the NC and the UML will not go for it. That might be Prachanda's way of further cementing his alliance with the Madhesi parties.

The president says he will not take over. I think we might be heading towards a non political person leading a team of technocrats. It was done once successfully in Bangladesh.

Who might that be? Devendra Raj Pandey?

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What Might The President Do?

English: Mr. Baburam bhattarai the 35th Prime Minister of Nepal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I think he is gearing up to take over. That might not be bad news. In India they call it president's rule when the Governor of a state takes over. Something like that is about to happen in Nepal. The president will take over and lead a cabinet of non political people to conduct elections to a new assembly in April 2013. That is a decent roadmap.

The less controversial step would be the deadline passes and the president says the current caretaker government is now the election government. That will allow him to pass election related ordinances.

Both are good options. Direct rule by the president until April will not be dictatorial.

The deadline will come and go. And the president will step in.

Nepal President wants consensus Premier in a week
The president has given parties a deadline of November 29, 4 pm, to come up with consensus. ...... Soon after the term of the CA ended on May 27, the …