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Baburam Bhattarai, Pramod Aryal, Ram Chandra Poudel

(Below are summaries in English of full length articles in Nepali.)

Baburam Bhattarai: The Question Of Understanding A Democratic Republic

The cadres are for a Democratic Republic, but the leaders of the political parties are still not wholeheartedly for it yet. We need to look into why that might be. Monarchy and democracy are opposing ideologies and institutions. Japan and Britain can not be our examples of a ceremonial monarchy because our socio-economic development stage is not the same as theirs. No capitalist revolution has succeeded without uprooting the monarchy. Hence the words "republic" and "democracy" are actually one word. There is no example in world history where au autocrat monarch willingly became a constitutional monarch. There are no examples of constitutional monarchies in the Third World. Temporary alliances with an army or a monarchy either by democrats or external powers is understandable for different reasons, but to present the monarchy as th…

Supreme Court, Revive House, Save Country, Hurry

That might be the best way out.

The seven democratic parties are the legitimate political forces in the country, and their 4-point agenda is a sound one. Sound enough that it will end the civil war.
Revive House.Form An All Party Government.Hold Unconditional Peace Talks With The Maoists.Organize Elections To A Constituent Assembly.
But the 4-point program starts at step one. And that step can only be taken by the Supreme Court. The parties can not do it themselves. The king has said he does not have the constitutional authority to do it. So that puts the ball in the Supreme Court.

These 11 individuals are uniquely positioned to literally save the country: Dilip Kumar Poudel, Kedar Prasad Giri, Min Bahadur Rayamajhi, Ram Nagina Singh, Anup Raj Sharma, Ram Prasad Shrestha, Khil Raj Regmi, Sharada Prasad Pundit, Sharada Shrestha, Arjun Prasad Singh and Hari Jung Sijapati.

I think they should go ahead and do it.

Otherwise it might end up a long, cold winter of relentless protests, and a furth…

Somnath Ghimire: King G Is Pinochet

King Gyanendra's Character resembles Augusto Pinochet --Somnath Ghimire Since the Royal Nepal Army and Police are under the direct and undisputed control of Black King "G", and since there is no evidence whatsoever that action has been taken to correct the abuses or hold the perpetrators responsible, this places the king in league with such lovely characters as Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Augusto Pinochet, Ferdinand Marcos, Mohammad Reza Pahlevi and others. It should be noted that, like King Gyanendra, all but Hitler were also supported and armed by the US. The US’s agreement to shield Nepali officials from the International Criminal Court has given a green light to atrocities, and the transfer of more of M16A2 rifles even as the savage treatment of pro-democracy protestors was ongoing raises questions of the violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of US law by the Bush administration. The US’s refusal to condemn atrocities in Nepal and unconvincing stance that…

Redesigning The Monarchy

I think this might be the best way out of the political paralysis. Start here: Proposed Constitution. And replace Article 5 with the one from an earlier version of the same document:

Article 5: The Monarchy
The monarch is the guardian of the constitution and the one who formally invites formations of governments from the parliaments and formally inducts governments.The first born, son or daughter, is heir to the throne.The monarch's immediate family - defined as parent(s), wife, children, and grandchildren, and others in direct lineage, the monarch's siblings and their children, and above the law - is to get annual allowances from the state at the 1991 levels. The amount may not be reduced by the parliament. The monarch may request the parliament increases to the allowance through the Prime Minister at any time. Such allowances are not to be taxed, although businesses owned by members of the said family will be subject to taxation and the law.The monarch may decide to retire at …


I was reading through the Cindy Sheehan coverage: many think parallels can be drawn with the Vietnam protests by now, the early stages. My personal views on the Iraq War are a little more nuanced and it is not pro or anti war. I am for spreading democracy the progressive way. And that is where Nepal comes in. Tomorrow evening I will be attending a DFNYC meeting to put forth the same case. DFNYC, Democracy For New York City, is the largest Howard Dean group in the country.

But Cindy Sheehan has a definite message for the Nepali democrats in terms of what peaceful protests can do. The message is of hope. Infact there is nothing more powerful.

And while I was going about that, there is no escaping Katrina, the hurricane that devastated New Orleans and the larger area. There also I see a message, here for the three warring factions in Nepal, especially the two armed ones. It takes a major natural catastrophe sometimes to give people perspective.

I have driven along those sections of Intersta…

Messenger Chat With Purandar Ghimire

Purandar Ghimire: hey wass up
Purandar Ghimire: how is things in nepal lately
Paramendra Bhagat: are you not in nepal?
Paramendra Bhagat: nc convention is the big news
Paramendra Bhagat:
Purandar Ghimire: nope i am in washington dc
Paramendra Bhagat: are u a journalist?
Paramendra Bhagat: ok
Purandar Ghimire: yes i am
Paramendra Bhagat: for whom?
Purandar Ghimire: fo IFJ affiliated National Union of Journalist
Paramendra Bhagat: sep 16 is also a gathering storm
Paramendra Bhagat: oh ok
Purandar Ghimire: yes i am comming there
Paramendra Bhagat: so you work in DC? when i got your email i was thinking maybe you are based out of nepal
Paramendra Bhagat: see u there then
Purandar Ghimire: nope in dc
Purandar Ghimire: okies
Paramendra Bhagat: do u think a lot of DC nepalis will show up?
Purandar Ghimire: yes indeed
Paramendra Bhagat: wow
Paramendra Bhagat: since it is a friday, i figured less might
Paramendra Bhagat: sep 16 might set a new record for nepalis
Purandar Ghimire: i…

September 16 Buzz Machine

Yesterday I was in Little Italy for a dinner-out. And one of the topics that came up was how the word on the September 16 protest rally was vigorously being spread around the New York University campus. I guess the buzz machine has been working overtime. I am pleased.

This might end up being one of the largest rallies of Nepalis in the US ever. Too bad it is on a Friday. If it were a Saturday, it would have proven much easier on a lot of people. In Kathmandu Friday or Saturday does not seem to matter too much. But New York City is a workaholic place. As is America in general. It is much harder to take time off here.

I know most of the key organizers. But I have not been involved with the logistics a whole lot. The details happen not to be my specialty. I am one of those who show up! I look more at the big picture of the unfolding movement. We all have to do our part.

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