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Simple Majority Government, Ceremonial President Ramraja

A six party government of three Pahadi and three Madhesi parties would be advisable. The two thirds provision has to be scrapped. Governments are supposed to be formed and brought down with a simple majority. And as for ceremonial president, Prachanda seems to be have Ramraja Prasad Singh on his mind, and I agree with it.

Ramraja Prasad Singh is the original republican. He deserves to be Nepal's first president.

In The News

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Madhesi parties to press for autonomous Madhes while amending constitutionincluding autonomous Madhes province while amending the constitution. .... the three Madhesi parties have bagged 80 seats in the recent election.
Change in two-thirds provision unacceptable: Prachanda Prachanda said, "If they don't want to give it (government leadership) to us, they can keep it. We've no objection."
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