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ICG: Nepal's Fragile Peace Process

Policy Briefing
Asia Briefing N°68
Kathmandu/Brussels, 28 September 2007
Nepal’s Fragile Peace Process

I. Overview

A Maoist walk-out from government on 18 September 2007 and mainstream political parties’ intransigence are threatening elections for Nepal’s Constituent Assembly (CA) scheduled for 22 November. Although a compromise to bring the Maoists back on board is possible, the heightened tensions add to longstanding problems including weak political will, poor governance and security, and continued claims for representation by marginalised groups. The Maoists could contest elections from outside government but polls without their participation would be meaningless, and they retain the capacity to make the country ungovernable if they oppose the process. Critical elements of the 2006 peace deal, such as security sector reform, remain to be tackled, while implementation and monitoring of past agreements have been minimal. Primary responsibility for steering the process lies with the mains…

New CMP, New PM, Fully PR Election, Register More Parties, Elections In April

Tie The Bell: Elections In November

New Common Minimum Program

A consensus has already been reached on a commitment proposal for a federal democratic republic. That is a good thing. The parties also have to agree on a few more things. The number one of course would be to agree on holding a fully PR election. There would be only one rule. Every third name on a party's list must be female. Other than that there would be no rules. And the total number of seats would be brought down to 300 from near 500 now.

A party could have a list that is only three long, or only 30 long. This arrangement would be better than any talk Poudel Bahun can hold. You are asking all grieving groups to go to the people. It is the people who have the power. Take your grievances to the people.

But holding respectful dialogue with all the armed Madhesi groups has to be the key element of the new common minimum program. That is more important than agreeing on a fully PR election. What does holding respectful dialo…