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Ram Baran Yadav Should Go For It

This might be the best option.

Prez may consider ‘neutral poll government’
Polls can be conducted by June or November if a neutral government is formed

The FDRA's Options

Looks Like The Madhesi Morcha Saved The Day Again
Considering what the NC and the UML are doing, and what the president has been doing, what are the FDRA's options?

(1) The UCPN(M) Should Transform The CPN(M), Not The Other Way Round

Some recent comments by Prachanda can be understood in terms of him competing politically with Baidya who is further to the left than Prachanda. It is understandable that he feels the compulsion. But the solution is not Prachanda becoming more like Baidya. The solution is to attempt political fusion.

Any revival of the YCL will risk a relabeling of the Maoists as terrorists by the US. Getting rid of that label was hard work. The Maoists should not do anything to get that label back. The Maoists going back to their old ways would be the surest way to undo the 2006 revolution.

Instead there should be an agreement on people's revolt - getting people out into the streets - as a legitimate political weapon. More important, the Maoists should take a stan…

Looks Like The Madhesi Morcha Saved The Day Again

Krishna's Birthday (Photo credit: izahorsky) The Madhesi Morcha has come out saying it is opposed to CA revival. The last time the Morcha came out like this was to say Sushil Koirala was unacceptable to them as PM candidate. Both moves have saved the day. For one, this shows the Madhesi Morcha is an integral part of the FDRA that the Maoists can not take for granted. Two, both stands are sound ones.

If the only reason the CA needs to be revived is because Ram Baran Yadav will not pass Baburam's election related ordinances then that CA revival would be a pretty stupid move. The correct move would be for Ram Baran to pass the election related ordinances. And it is still not too late to do so.

Ram Baran Yadav does not seem to understand that he is no longer a Nepali Congress person. Even constitution making only asks for a two thirds majority, not a 100% majority. Consensus is to say you need a 100% majority to do anything. That is a sure formula for political paralysis, as it ha…

The President's Political Illiteracy

Sketch portrait of Ram Baran Yadav, President of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Imagine if there had been a power above the three poles in Nepali politics in 2005 - the Maoists, the Monarchists, and the Democrats - that insisted the three forces must forge consensus. Unless the Maoists and the Democrats managed to forge some kind of a consensus with the king nothing was going to change. Gladly such a power did not exist, although the US ambassador kept trying to forge an alliance between the king and the seven parties. He got it wrong. India got it right. But not even the US and India were insisting that the three forces forge consensus. Such a call for "consensus" would have been asinine and would have prolonged the sad status quo of civil war and human rights mayhem. And such a call would not have been neutral. It would have been pro king. Because the call would have brought about paralysis and maintained the king's rule.

President Ra…

Dealing With The CPN(M)

Peaceful Protests

All peaceful protests should be allowed, encouraged, welcomed. BRB should be very welcome to holding talks and negotiations. After all, these are people he personally knows. Staying engaged is key.

UCPN(M): Best Candidate

The UCPN(M) is best positioned to deal with the CPN(M). It is the political responsibility of the UCPN(M) to make sure the CPN(M) does not fall by the wayside and go the way of an armed insurgency.

In Agreement

I agree with Baidya and Badal that turning Nepal into an India like republic was never their goal. Where they are being ignorant is in not realizing that is an important milestone. It is a big achievement that needs to be protected and nurtured.

Turning Nepal into a multi-party democracy of state funded parties is the right answer to the Baidya-Badal deviance. At that point any future revolution becomes unnecessary. Then you contest elections to get into power to do good by the people in terms of generous education and health programs, aggr…

A Tough Balancing Act

Britain And Dailekh

Girija Koirala should have set up a Truth And Reconciliation Commission soon after he came to power in 2006. He did not. That was a grave mistake. BRB should have done so by now. He has not. This is a mistake, on his part, and that of the broader political establishment. South Africa is a great example of how a Truth And Reconciliation Commission is needed to heal a country.

Sujata Is Making Sense

Sujata says NC ready to join Bhattarai govt
Sujata said, “Koirala was not interested to become prime minister but the party decided to file his candidacy for the same after CPN-UML mounted pressure on the Nepali Congress. .... She said her party and the Unified CPN-Maoist should come together to bail the country out of the current crisis. She insisted that the NC should join the incumbent government with the home ministry’s portfolio in its share as earlier proposed by UCPN-Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. .... CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Prasad Gurung said the president mus…