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India Is Wrong On Bhutan

One refugee killed as Indian police open fire; Home Ministry urges restraint NepalNews Indian police opened fire to prevent them from crossing Mechi bridge ...... at least 100 Bhutanese refugees were injured when Indian police used force to prevent them from crossing the Mechi Bridge on the Nepal-Indian border on the second day of their 'Long March' to Bhutan.
Indian police impede refugees' "Long March" The refugees staged sit-in at the bridge after they were stopped by Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB) of India. India deployed a huge contingent of SSB to prevent refugees from crossing into India.

2007: The Year Of The Revolution In Bhutan
Bravo Moriarty
Moriarty Should Take His Offer Directly To The Bhutani Refugees
Tek Nath Rizal And The Bhutani Hostage Crisis
Solve The Bhutani Refugee Crisis: Send Them West

People from Nepal do not need paperwork to go into India. I would think the same is true for Bhutan. People from Bhutan can come into India, and from there they can go …

2007: The Year Of The Revolution In Bhutan

Refugees plan 'Long March' to their homelandBhutanese refugees are planning to go on a "Long March" from Monday. ..... On the first day, 15,000 refugees – out of 106,000 – of all the seven camps will be heading towards Bhutan by crossing the Mechi bridge into India . ..... at the call of National Front for Democracy (NFD-Bhutan) ..... The local eight party leaders have decided to help the refugees by accompanying them up to the mid-point of the bridge – which separates Nepal and India. Likewise, representatives of Indian MPs and civil society will receive them at that point. The refugees plan to enter Phuntsoling town of Bhutan by walking across Jayagaon of India. ....... Balram Poudel, vice president of NFD, they are planning to make the agitation decisive ...... Indian security forces are learnt to have stepped up security in the border area and has deployed security personnel on high alertBravo Moriarty
Moriarty Should Take His Offer Directly To The Bhutani Refugee…

Proposed Constitution

Nepal is a federal republic, a total, transparent democracy, with the sovereignty resting with the Nepali people.Article 1: The Legislative Branch
There is to be a lower house, the Pratinidhi Sabha, with 300 members, and a upper house, the Rajya Sabha, with 100 members. Members of the Pratinidhi Sabha are to be directly elected through constituencies demarcated such that the largest has a population not more than 5% of the smallest, geographically in close approximation to a circle or a square, and protected from partisan gerrymandering by an autonomous Election Commission. The constituencies need to respect the state boundaries. In the Rajya Sabha each party's representation will be in direct proportion to the votes earned. Any party that earns at least 1% of the votes will be represented in the Rajya Sabha. The entire Sabha is dissolved en masse when its term nears expiration.Private and public sector media entities wanting to cover live the proceedings in the parliament …

3 Layers, 15 States, No Army, 100,000 Bureaucrats Total, Much FDI

Nepalese Civil Service is overstaffed with large crowds of unskilled, unproductivestaff at the lower levels. Peons alone are estimated to number 27,000 out of a totalof 97,000 Civil Servants (Nti, 1991). Highly qualified and talented candidates arenot attracted to the civil service (Joshi, 1989)
[PDF]Wielding the Bureaucracy for Results: Reorienting the Nepalese ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
. Introduction. THIS PAPER is mainly concerned with analyzing the issues accompanying the reorganization. of the Nepalese bureaucracy and recommending

Current Scenario:
Civil Servants: 100,000
Soldiers: 90,000
Maoist Soldiers: 30,000
Police: 40,000

I would suggest the following.

15 States

I went from three to eight states, now I am going to 15. But in the three and eight state scenarios, there were four layers of government. In the 15 state scenario, there are three layers. So this is a simpler model a…

Bimalendra Nidhi And Friends


Madman Prachanda, Hindenburg Girija

Terai problem can be resolved in two weeks, claims Prachanda NepalNews Prachanda has claimed that his party can resolve all ongoing problems in Terai within 15 days if the government gives it full authority to deal with it. ..... has already requested the Prime Minister for such responsibility. ...... he will employ both negotiation and retaliation to tackle the unrest in Terai. ...... "We know Goit, Jwala Singh very well. They were with us for four-five years. We know how to tackle them, which the Congress doesn't know. By understanding their psychology we can do both – negotiate or retaliate," said Prachanda. ...... president of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) Upendra Yadav, too, was Maoist leader in the past. ...... Prachanda also added that one should deal properly with Delhi in order to resolve Terai problem. "The traditional spineless leadership cannot properly secure nation and people. Without appropriately dealing with Delhi, Terai problem cannot be resolve…