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How The FDRA Could Bring In Baidya, Yadav, Rai

English: Sketch portrait of Pushpa Kamal Dahal, President of the communist party of Nepal-maoist Français : Pushpa Kamal Dahal, président du parti communiste népalais-maoïste Italiano: Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Presidente del partito comunista del Nepal-maoista (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The FDRA should leave no stone unturned to bring in the break away Maoist group, and Upendra Yadav's coalition and the two parties that broke away from the CPN(UML) and the NC as well fringe parties like those led by Sarita Giri.

The promise to turn Nepal into a multi-party democracy of state funded parties should bring in Baidya. A fair share of seats and a promise to form a two thirds majority government, not a simple majority government should bring in Yadav and his coalition. The same might work for the two Rais.

Already the FDRA is poised to hit 55-60%. But 60% is not enough. You need 66%. And the FDRA expanding to include Baidya, the Yadav led coalition and the two Rai led parties would suffice t…

FDRA's Awesome Move

English: Pushpa Kumar Dahal (also known as Prachanda), prime minister of Nepal, during av visit to Norway in March 2009 ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Pushpa Kumar Dahal (også kjent som Prachanda), Nepals statsminister, under et besøk i Norge i mars 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) To contest with one candidate everywhere is awesome. This will bring about a victory to the federalism cause. The FDRA should go one step further and bring in many other federalist parties under the FDRA tent. Upendra Yadav, Sharad Singh, Sarita Giri, Ashok Rai, Gopal Rai come to mind.

FDRA to go to polls with single manifesto
common manifesto, common candidates and a common agenda. .... FDRA leaders have been arguing that the alliance is a new force favoring federal states based on ethnic identity. ..... The meeting on Tuesday also decided to expand the FDRA in all districts. It will decide through consensus which alliance party will head the alliance in which district.प्रमुख दलहरु 'चुनावी मैदानमा होमिदै'
Every …