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Criminal Acts By The Political Leadership

Reports are more than 30 planes with thousands of tons of relief supplies from scores of different foreign governments were not allowed to land because they apparently had not followed due procedure. Due procedure was to come through the respective Nepali embassies. Are you out of your mind? Have you heard of visa on arrival? These were tons that could have been air dropped into the remote hill districts. Talk about air dropping. China offered six or eight helicopters. Nepal refused. Don't tell me these skilled ones are trying to play China off of India! Bamdev is reported to have taken offense that Modi has been so prompt and effective in acts of relief for the Nepal earthquake victims. Bamdev gives hurt feelings in response! Disbelief does not even begin to describe.  The Nepali politicians have been failing the Nepali people every step of the way. But these acts border on criminality. There are lives at stake. Tens of thousands could die still, if they are not dead already. Hun…

My Article In Foreign Policy


Modi Shoud Airdrop Tents, Food, Water, Medicine

The Indian Prime Minister was the first to respond. He was ahead of his Nepali counterparts. But there is a bottleneck. He can take relief supplies to Kathmandu, then what? The slow tragedy unfolding in the remote hills can only be imagined. The next leg of the Modi relief operation has got to be the Indian army air dropping supplies in the affected remote hill villages. There might be 500 such villages. I think that is manageable.

Tents, food, water, basic medicine. Helicopters could fly low, drop, and fly away. Most of those villages don't have places even for helicopter landing.

My Article On Nepal Earthquake For Foreign Policy: Draft 2

(This is Christian's edited version due to space constraints.)

by Paramendra Bhagat

Paramendra Bhagat is a New York City-based tech entrepreneur and a former activist in Nepal’s pro-democracy movement.

Nepal is in the headlines this week -- for all the wrong reasons. On Saturday, April 25, the country was jolted by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. The epicenter was located 80 miles northwest of the overcrowded, unplanned urban sprawl that is the capital city of Kathmandu. Nepal is a seismically active zone (the price you pay for having the world’s highest mountains), but the last time an earthquake this big hit was 81 years ago. It says something about the scale of this latest quake that many of the buildings and temples that made it through the one in 1934 didn’t survive this time around. This earthquake is not just the worst natural disaster to have hit Nepal in my lifetime -- it is the worst to have hit the country during its entire existence of a few hundred years.

For Nepal --…

My Article On Nepal Earthquake For Foreign Policy: Draft 1

(Christian Caryl at Foreign Policy called me up yesterday and asked me to write an article, which I did. This is Draft 1.)

Earthquake Tremors And Political Dysfunction In Nepal
by Paramendra Bhagat
April 29, 2015

Nepal hit the world headlines a few days back when a 7.9 earthquake hit the country with the epicenter 80 miles northwest of the overcrowded, unplanned urban sprawl that is the capital city Kathmandu. This was an earthquake equivalent of the 2008 Great Recession hitting America. The last time an earthquake this big hit Nepal, a seismically active zone (the price you pay for having the world’s highest mountains), was about 80 years ago, but buildings and temples that survived that one did not manage to get past this one.

For the poorest country outside of Africa, among the most corrupt in the world, still struggling to write its constitution, the tragedy of the earthquake and its aftermath has further highlighted the utter political dysfunction in the country. There were …


The last one - and I experienced it - was in the Nepali year 2045. Before that the big one in 1934 AD. But this earthquake's devastation has left me speechless. This is not only the biggest disaster to hit Nepal in my lifetime, it is the biggest disaster to have hit Nepal in the lifetime of the country. When the death toll crossed 4,000, I said it will easily cross 10,000. That probably means 50,000 injured. Damage to property is past $20 billion, the country's GDP. How do you wrap your head around something like that?

The last time Nepal hit the world headlines was in April 2006 when one third of the country came out into the streets for democracy. Before that Nepal hit the world headlines was when the Crown Prince mowed down his family Columbine style.

But this is different. The scales don't even begin to compare. In many ways the tragedy has not even begun. It will keep happening for months well into the monsoon season. This was a tsunami for a landlocked nation.


९० साल को भैंचालो मा नभत्किएका घर भत्किएका छन

९० साल को भैंचालो मा नभत्किएका घर भत्किएका छन ….... २०४५ को म आफैले अनुभव गरेको।

हिंदी भाषा को नेपाल लाई महत्व


देश टुक्रिनबाट बच्यो

 बामे ले तोड्न लागेको देश लाई नेपालको न्यायपालिकाले तोड्न बाट बचायो। अब यो बामे-केपी-सुशील सरकार ले नैतिकताको आधारमा राजीनामा दिने। जुन संविधानलाई छोएर हामीले शपथ खायौं, जुन संविधानमा वाक स्वतंत्रता छ, अप्रैल २००६ को क्रांतिले स्थापना गरेको वाक स्वतंत्रता र मधेसी क्रांति ले ५३ शहीदको रगतले स्थापित गरेको स्वायत्त मधेस प्रदेश विरुद्ध हामीले सरकारी संयन्त्र लाई गैर कानुनी र गैर संवैधानिक किसिमले संचालित गर्यौं --- त्यस अपराधको प्रायश्चितको पहिलो कदम स्वरुप हामी आ-आफ्नो पदबाट राजीनामा दिँदैछौं भन्ने ---- अनि राजीनामा दिने। 

Dropping Sagoon For Good

Dropping Sagoon For Good
by Paramendra Bhagat
April 22, 2015

Govinda Giri.

You had talked shit about 4 times even before our talk yesterday, starting from the very first meeting, but your use of hate speech was the final straw. It is mind boggling for me how a guy who is about 10,000% dependent on me for his company’s very survival would exhibit such bad behavior. You talked shit 3 times during the talk yesterday itself. I am also getting the impression perhaps that fucking country is not ready for Alibaba style ecommerce.

The dragging of feet on the internal homework aside, this bad behavior is not something I need to put up with. And so as of now I am dropping Sagoon. This decision on my part is final. As per the agreement, I will mail a check for 5K to Kabin Sitaula’s address within three months.

Bye. And all the best.

Bottomless Corruption

नेपालमा छ। बाहुन नेता हरु bottomless corruption मा लिप्त छन -- संघीयताको विरोध ती बाहुन (बा हुन या बा होइनन्) नेताले देशका बाहुन जनताको आँखामा हालेको छारो ---- आफ्नो कालो करतुत ढाकछोप गर्न।

जनकपुर, लुम्बिनी, राप्ती, कोशी, गण्डकी, कर्णाली: ६ राज्य

काँग्रेस, एमाले, माओवादी का दोस्रो पीढीका बुढेस काल लागेका युवा नेता हरुले ६ राज्य मा आएर सहमति सिर्जना गरेको समाचार आएको छ। ठीक छ, ६ प्रदेश मा जाऊँ। चुनावमा मधेसमा जाँदा एक मधेस तीन प्रदेश भनेको काँग्रेसले आफुले भने अनुसार गर्ने मौका पाएको छ। सीमांकन र नामांकन गरिहाल्ने। शुभ काम में बिलम्ब क्युँ?

विशुद्ध संघीयतामा जाँदा केंद्र, राज्य र स्थानीय गरी तीन तहले पुग्ने थियो। अब जिल्लाहरु कायम रहने देखियो। ठीकै छ। सहमति हुन्छ भने।

अब आउँछ भाषाको कुरा। हिंदी र नेपाली देश भरि नै समकक्ष रहने भए। प्रत्येक भाषा लाई स्थानीय सरकार र प्राथमिक शिक्षा सम्म कमसेकम पुर्याउनु पर्ने भो। कति लाई जिल्ला सरकार सम्म पुर्याउनु पर्ने भो।

मधेसी जिल्लामें पहाड़ी CDO/DSP ------- नहीं चलेगा, नहीं चलेगा। संघीयतामा प्रहरी राज्यको हुन्छ, केन्द्रको होइन। सेना समावेशी बनाउनु पर्ने भो। १,००,००० बाट झारेर २०,००० मा पुर्याउने अनि त्यसमा १०,००० मधेसी थप्ने, अनि देश टुट्दैन।

तीन दलीय गठबंधन र स्वतंत्रता संग्राम

नेपालको राजनीतिमा भर्खर भर्खर उदाएको तीन दलीय पहाड़े/बाहुन गठबंधन ले देशमा छेउ न टुप्पोको संविधान ल्याउने, अनि त्यो संविधान लाई तराई को प्रत्येक जिल्ला सदरमुकाम मा जलाउँदै मधेस स्वतंत्रता संग्रामको उद्घोष हुने संभावना ठुलो छ। कागजको खोस्टाले अन्याय बरक़रार राख्न सक्छ भनेर नसोंचे हुन्छ। बीपी लाई बीपी बनाउने मधेसको जनता, बन्दुक उठाउने देखि उसलाई वोट दिने सम्म। देशको इतिहास मा भएको प्रत्येक क्रांतिको शुरुवात मधेस मा भएको। आजको नेपाली काँग्रेस ले मधेसमा वोट माग्दा एक मधेस तीन प्रदेश भनेको। अहिले आएर ५-७ जिल्ला मा कुरा मिलेन भन्ने?

Rigging Electronic Voting Machines: Possible

बाग्लुंग उप चुनाव मा धाँधली भएको नभएको मैले भनिरहेको छैन --- मलाई थाहा भएन। तर electronic voting machines को प्रयोग ले धाँधली रहित चुनाव गराउँछ भन्ने कुरा पुर्ण सत्य होइन। गूगल मा "electronic voting machines rigged" भनेर सर्च गर्नुस्।

६ राज्यको कुरा

कैलाली, कंचनपुर, सुर्खेत समेट्दै दांग सम्म एक। पाल्पा, चितवन, मकवानपुर समेट्दै रौतहट सम्म अर्को। सिन्धुली, उदयपुर, इलाम समेट्दै तेस्रो। भोलि जनमत संग्रह बाट देश अलग हुन्छ भन्ने डर हो भने यसरी एक मधेस तीन प्रदेश गरेर त्यसमा जिल्ला हरु थपे भो। सुर्खेत, पाल्पा, चितवन, मकवानपुर, सिन्धुली, उदयपुर, इलाम।

६ राज्य मा सहमत भयौं भनेर देशको राजनीतिमा भर्खर उदाएको तीन दलीय मोर्चा ले जुन प्रचार गर्दैछ।

Sania Mirza


कुरा भुगोलको होइन, समावेशीताको हो

कोचिला राज्य को अवधारणा नया होइन। अब आएर केपी ओली ले झापा, मोरंग, सुनसरी र उदयपुर मिलाएर एउटा राज्य बनाउने कुरा गर्नु हुँदैछ। त्यो वहाँ को पुरानो अडान भन्दा प्रगतिशील हो। सराहनीय छ।

त्यस्तै चितवन, मकवानपुर, सिन्धुली अनि बारा-पर्सा देखि सप्तरी सम्म का तराई का जिल्ला मिलाएर अर्को राज्य बन्न सक्छ कि?

नवलपरासी देखि बाँके सम्म अर्को राज्य। पाल्पा मिसाइ दिने। बुटवल र भैरहवा एउटै राज्य मा रहनु पर्ने हो कि?

अनि बर्दिया, सुर्खेत, कैलाली, कंचनपुर चौथो।

कुरा भुगोलको होइन, समावेशीताको हो। यस्ता चार राज्य बनाउने तर हिंदी भाषा लाई ठाउँ नदिने, यस्ता चार राज्य बनाउने तर अहिलेको मधेसी सहभागिता न बराबर भएको सेना, प्रहरी, प्रशासन कायम राख्ने, यस्ता चार राज्य बनाउने तर माधव नेपाल ले मतदाता नामावली बाट फालेको ४३ लाख मधेसी लाई फालेको फाल्यै राख्ने ----- अनि कहाँ हुन्छ?

यी चार राज्य मा हिंदी र नेपाली लाई समकक्ष राख्नु पर्ने हुन्छ। अनि कुरा मिल्न सक्छ। बाबुराम सरकार ले गरेको ४९% आरक्षण को प्रावधान ले थुप्रै समस्या समाधान हुने हो। तर त्यो इमान्दारी पुर्वक लागु गरिएको छैन। सेना लाई एक लाख बाट २०,००० मा झारने …

Water Water Everywhere


Lhasa To Kathmandu In Six Hours

English: Mount Everest North Face as seen from the path to the base camp, Tibet. Español: Cara norte del Monte Everest vista desde el sendero que lleva al campo base en el Tibet (China). Français : Face nord du Mont Everest vue du chemin menant au camp de base. Tibet. Italiano: Faccia Nord del monte Everest vista dal sentiero che porta al campo base in Tibet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If the train will move at 120 kilometers per hour, and since Lhasa to Kathmandu is about 600 kilometers, that puts the travel distance at six hours. This tunnel under Mount Everest will take Nepal-China, indeed China-South Asia relations to unprecedented heights. This will also put pressure on India to deeply integrate itself to Nepal through major infrastructure projects like the Hulaki Rajmarga.

Kathmandu to Lumbini is another 200 kilometers. That would be the logical extension once the train reaches Kathmandu. The logical thing to do would be to take the train straight south to the plains and then go …

Incompetence Is A Problem

The issue is not just to liberate from a state that refuses to become inclusive. Why is the state non-inclusive in the first place? Ethnic prejudice does not explain all of it. The number one reason is the incompetence of those who pretend to lead. The Madhesi people need to be liberated from that incompetence.

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Madhes Liberation From Colonization, Corruption And Incompetence

This liberation movement is not just a quest to liberate a people from a state where there is near zero participation of Madhesis, but it is also a quest to liberate Madhes from the corrupt and incompetent ways of the likes of KP Oli, Bamdev Gautam, and Sushil Koirala. The Madhesi people need to be saved from political leaders who are destined to keep Nepal as a permanent Third World country. The Madhesi people deserve to be a prosperous people. बामदेव केपी र सुशील यति सारहो गए गुज्रेको गन्हाएको घिनलाग्दो र निकम्मा हुन कि मधेसी जनता लाई तिन बाट मुक्ति प्रदान गर्नु जरुरी भएको छ। The heck with all round incompetence.

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शान्ति प्रक्रिया का तीन खम्बा

शान्ति प्रक्रिया का तीन खम्बा (१) सेना समायोजन (बाबुरामले प्रधान मंत्री हुँदा गरेको) (२) Truth And Reconciliation Commission (३) प्रगतिशील संविधान --------------   (२) र (३) को संभावना समाप्त पार्न तपाइँ मरि मेटेर लागेको मान्छे कनकजी -----  किन नेपाल लाई वापस गृह युद्ध मा फर्काउन उद्दत हुनुहुन्छ?

‘पोस्ट–माओवादी’ युगको पर्खाइ

माधरचोद माफिया बामे


The Splitting Of Czechoslovakia

Dissolution of Czechoslovakia
..... sometimes known as the Velvet Divorce, a reference to the bloodless Velvet Revolution of 1989 .... Czech parties had little or no presence in Slovakia, and vice versa ...... On 17 July, the Slovak parliament adopted the Declaration of independence of the Slovak nation. Six days later, Klaus and Meciar agreed to dissolve Czechoslovakia at a meeting in Bratislava. Czechoslovak president Václav Havel resigned rather than oversee the dissolution which he had opposed; in a September 1992 poll, only 37% of Slovaks and 36% of Czechs favoured dissolution. ....... Most federal assets were divided in a ratio of 2 to 1 (the approximate ratio between the Czech and Slovak population within Czechoslovakia), including army equipment, rail and airliner infrastructure. Some minor disputes (e.g. about gold reserves stored in Prague, federal know-how valuation) lasted for a few years after dissolution. ........ Initially the old Czechoslovak currency, the Czechoslovak …