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Which Map Do You Like And Why?

I have listed my favorites from top to bottom. The first is my favorite. The one at the bottom is my least favorite.
What Shape Federalism?

Who Are Nepal's Martyrs?

The martyrs of Nepal's April Revolution 2006 are martyrs.The martyrs of the Madhesi Kranti I are martyrs.The martyrs of the Madhesi Kranti II are martyrs.The martyrs of the Tharu Kranti are martyrs.
The people who died during the decade long civil war - 13,000 to active combat, twice that many to suicide resulting from that combat and social dislocation, over a thousand disappeared - are not martyrs. They are victims of political violence.

There is a difference.

The Maoists are not the authors of the magical April Revolution. The April Revolution was an ultimate example of a nonviolent revolution. The Maoists had been pushing to make even that revolution into a violent bloodbath.

Baburam Bhattarai May Not Preach Violence To The Seven Party Alliance (January 2006)

The Maoists were never right to have engaged in violence. Violence was always wrong. There are no ifs and buts about that. Why only the country as a whole, even the Maoists only started making political progress after they too…

A Fragile Peace

ICG: Nepal's Faltering Peace Process

We ended the civil war. We ended military rule, absolute monarchy. We had elections. We have a duly elected parliament. Everything feels like is on track. But we have to watch out. Things could still go very wrong. The peace train could get derailed.

Maoist Qualms

It is possible the Maoists think they might be able to get an absolute majority after the next elections. And that hope possibly makes them more at ease with the multi-party idea. But the recent student elections were a setback for them. And it is possible they are deeply uncomfortable at the prospect of losing power after the next elections, or even before that.

The UML Smells Power

It is possible the UML wants to displace the Maoists. They could muster the numbers. This is why I am for a directly elected president. Otherwise you will have parties wanting a new government every few months, every year or two.


I have a feeling the NC will face an even bigger defeat in the next elections th…