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Claiming Relevance

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My Relevance To Nepal Peace Process: The Butterfly Effect

There is a concrete mathematical theory called the butterfly effect. You have to have some understanding of that theory to appreciate my contribution to the Nepal peace process.

When Baburam suggested multi-party democratic republic as a meeting ground between the Maoists and the Democrats, Prachanda had him arrested early in 2005. Girija and Madhav Nepal were both opposed to the idea of a constituent assembly back then. The idea of a unilateral Maoist ceasefire in late 2005, I authored it. I am the father of the concept of continuous movement in the Nepali context. As late as March 2006 Baburam was pushing for an armed revolution by the eight parties.

And there are idiots out there who want to know why I claim I have played a central role to Nepal's three mass movements.

A Gap Of Six Months

I have been gone…