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My Federalism Is Economic, Scientific, Not Ethnic


Proposed Republican Constitution 2006

The federalism I have proposed is of three states - Kosi, Gandaki, Karnali.

At one end we have people who are opposed to the very concept of federalism, or suggest turning Birendra's arbitrary five development regions into states that are at best crude concepts in administrative decentralization. At another end are people who want ethnic states, perhaps eight or more in number. The Maoists also want that, as do several Janajati groups. I appreciate the sentiment behind that suggestion. The various ethnic groups have been so severely marginalized for so long that the pendulum wants to swing the other way. People want to divide the country into so many states in such ways that the Bahun Chhetri are a minority in every single one of them.

As a Madhesi myself, I understand all that sentiment.

But I am for three states. I think Nepal's geography is designed for these three states. Three river basins lead to three states.

My proposal on fed…

Brian Cobb: Perpetual Andolan

Perpetual Andolan by Dr Brian Cobb

For all the well-deserved anger focused on th politicians and Maoist leaders, the real culprits are getting off scot-free yet again. The people didn't risk, and in some cases lose, their lives to put certain politicians or parties back in power. They didn't even do it so much to get rid of an arrogant, onerous and brutal king. They did it because they want better lives.

Nepal is the 12th poorest country on earth. Mortality, health, educational and other indices are horrifying. But we've all been blaming people who are, at best, only partially responsible for the nation's sorry state.

It really doesn't matter who's in Singh Durbar. Things aren't going to get better. Government is not run by ministers and MPs; it's run by bureaucrats. Despite all the outrage over Maoist extortion, the vast majority of extortion isn't by those with red-starred army caps, but by those with black topis. Just try to register a vehicle or a p…

Tara Niraula At City Hall