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English: Saraswoti temple at Budhanilkantha School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Budhanilkantha School was founded and cultivated as the national school of Nepal. I got in after sitting through nationwide exams and was the top student in my class year in year out until 1989. The people who ran the place - the Bahuns, the British - took it all away from me that year. I was made to waken up to the social gravity of racism and ethnic prejudice. One administrative decision by the people who ran the show at the school took it all away.

I was not just good academically. I also won a Best Actor award in middle school. I was the school's mental arithmetic champion one year. If there was one other thing besides academics I excelled at, it was leadership. There was this guy Bishwa Limbu two years senior to me who was also top of his class year in year out, otherwise in batches before and after there was no one such person like him and me. But Limbu did not shine out on other fronts, he was missi…