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Ram Chandra Poudel And The Supreme Court Judges

What has Ram Chandra Poudel got to do with the Supreme Court Judges? Not much personally, but a lot symbolically. Like that first guy on the moon said, "A small step for a man, a big step for mankind."

Activist Judges Could Save The Day

I think these Supreme Court judges should similarly go after the Chief District Officers in Kathmandu valley who basically turned the lifting of the emergency at the end of April into a major league farce and postponed possibilities of national reconciliation. And they should go after the inappropriately named Information Ministry so as to facilitate freedom of press. And they should also address the grievances of the lawyers, their professional kith and kin.

If the Supreme Court justices could thus ensure the basic freedoms and rule of law, they will end up doing more for national reconciliation than any international player could hope to do, and I am talking the major world powers here.

The Supreme Court has to come to the realization that stre…

40% Of Americans Can't Point Out The Pacific On A Map

And the Pacific just so happens to be the biggest thing on the map.

Why do I point this out? For four reasons.

One, like it or not, the US is a large power and stands to play a major role in various corners of the planet. Nepal is one such corner.

Two, the "ignorance" of the movers and shakers amazes me. Being well read can only go on to reenforce the ignorance paradigm.

Three, the US is not really preparing for the realignments that will take place as globalization spreads its wings.

Four, ultimately, Nepal's civil war is for the Nepalis to resolve. The three forces could do it on their own. Or the international players could help bring the three forces together to do it on their own. As in, even if there is external involvement in peace negotiations, the hard work will still have to be done by the three warring factions of the polity. If they can get there sooner rather than later, it will show they do care about the country.

The average American is someone who has never hea…

Op-Ed Piece Sent To The New York Times

(I emailed this to for consideration with this message: Please consider publishing this. I think this could be a NYT contribution to peace in Nepal. This viewpoint deserves to be read by the power brokers in DC, and the opinion makers elsewhere.)

Engaging, Not Demonizing The Nepali Maoists Will Bring Peace

Nepal is the number one hot spot on the planet right now: it is not Kashmir, Palestine or Ireland. I could not have seen this coming in 1996 when I left the country for the US for college. The worst case scenario projected into the future is a Nepal that is akin to Pol Pot’s Cambodia that seriously destabilizes a region, South Asia, home to a fifth of humanity. Iraq could end up looking like a picnic.

So who are these Nepali Maoists? What do they want? What are their capabilities? Can there be a safe landing to the insurgency? Can the worst case scenario be avoided? Could these Maoists morph themselves into a major peaceful force for progress?

Do I see the worst case sc…

So Much For Hindutva, Hindu Kingdom, And Hindu King

Now the BJP in India has come out for sealing the Nepal-India border. Looks like some common ground has emerged between the ultra "nationalists" in Nepal and the second largest party in India.

Sure this is election talk for the all-impotant forthcoming elections in Bihar. But then all talk by parties in democracies is election talk. It has to be taken seriously.

This also shows the BJP is not buying the line that the Nepali Maoists were not involved in the recent Maoist attack in Bihar.

I don't know one way or the other on that particular topic, but if the Nepali Maoists were involved, they are following in the king's footsteps of 2/1: opening up fights on several fronts at once.

Even a military power like the US admist it can only fight two and a half wars at any one point in time.

The king since 2/1 has been fighting three "wars." With the Maoists, the democrats, and the international community.

Phone Talk With Rajendra Mahto In Delhi

Audio Clips, My Reflections…

Make It Official: International Conference In Delhi

The political center of gravity has already shifted to Delhi from Kathmandu. All worthwhile political dialogue on Nepal has taken place in Delhi since 2/1. Might as well make it official.

Let the international players bring the three parties together. In Delhi.
ParisPeace Accord 1973 - Text of The AgreementCambodia: Peace Agreements Digital Collection-United States ...Safeguarding Peace: Cambodia's Constitutional ChallengeA/RES/45/3. The situation in CambodiaIn The News
India ready to help end crises: Thapa Kathmandu Post, Nepal Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran ..... The meeting lasted for nearly two-and-a-half hours at the Grand Hyatt suite, where Thapa is staying.... It is up to the parties in Nepal, India can't do anything..... the need to immediately start dialogue between the palace and parties so as to take on the bigger challenge: resolution of the Maoist insurgency through peace negotiations..... Delhi is also believed to have started back-channel diplomacy with the …

Deuba: The Common Sense Meter

Deuba has been exonerated on one major graft charge. The regime just scored a major point. I mean, it was basically the Asian Development Bank's words versus some Monarchist puppets.

But it is a mystery he continues to be detained.

A second charge? If there is a Prime Minster Relief Fund, it is for the Prime Minister to decide where that money goes. It is discretion. And if the Prime Minister sends that money in all the wrong directions, that should be public knowledge, and the voters should punish the Prime Minister by throwing him or her out at the ballot box. Or if the very idea of the Fund is offensive, it should be gotten rid of by an act of the parliament. A Prime Minister who doled money out of a Prime Minster Relief Fund should not have to answer to an extra-constitutional body such as the RCCC. His case should have been taken up by the existing, constitutional CIAA with a govenment that was constitutional.

But, my bad. I misunderstood. He has been cleared of the charges to d…

For Democrats Reinventing Self More Important Than Any Alliance With Maoists

For months after 2/1 the Nepali Congress was still not for a Constituent Assembly. That proves it was not any kind of royal pressure but its own inherent status quoism that the Nepali Congress refused to do business with the Maoists during the 1996-2002 period so as to make possible a safe landing for them so as to bring them into the mainstream. During several rounds of peace talks, the Congress refused to go beyond some mere cosmetic changes to the 1990 constitution.

Those among the seven parties that might have been desirous of the idea of a Constituent Assembly stayed complacent, and let Girija Koirala call the shots. I remember one news clipping of a meeting of the NC central committee. The majority spoke in favor of an Assembly. Girija kept quiet during the meeting. Two days later he spoke at a public event. He was against the idea of an Assembly, and so that was to be the party line!

That is not democratic. It should not have been Girija but the majority in the NC central committ…