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Girija Koirala: Half A Century Of Struggle For Democracy

Washington Post: Nepal Leader Who Helped End King's Rule Dies At 86Xinhua: Nepali Former PM Passes Away Sify: Nepal's Peace Architect G.P. Koirala Dies At 85 BBC: Nepalese Ex-Leader Girija Prasad Koirala Dies
Half A Century Of Struggle For Democracy

Girija Koirala spent much of his adult life struggling for democracy in Nepal. Most of that half century was spent in the political wilderness, away from the country. Almost a decade of that was spent in jail. He was in power several times after 1990, most recently leading the government that came into power after the April 2006 revolution.

Much work remains in Nepal. There is the issue of internal democracy in his party, the issue of corruption in Nepali politics at large, the issue of federalism, as yet unachieved, the issue of equality for DaMaJaMa, far from achieved. The country does not have its new constitution yet. But the basics of democracy have been laid out. And Girija Koirala made major contributions to those foundation s…

Gopal Siwakoti, Kunda Dixit At The New School

March 9th
Lang Center
55 West 13th St.
The New School

India China Institute and the Asia Society
a special afternoon discussion

The Challenges of Nepal's Peace Process:
Transitional Justice Amidst a Culture of Impunity?

Featuring, Dr. Gopal Krishna Siwakoti of INHURED, and renowned journalist Kunda Dixit. Each of whom will offer their perspectives and insights on issues surrounding the stalled and contested peace process in Nepal.

Dr. Gopal Krishna Siwakoti is the president of the International Institute for Human Rights, Environment and Development (INHURED), the first Nepali organization to enjoy Special Consultative Status with the United Nations. He also holds the position as the International Advisor of the Hague Appeal for Peace. A former political prisoner and torture survivor, Dr. Siwakoti has since become one of the most prominent advocates of human rights in Nepal.

Kunda Dixit is one of the most well known journalists working in Nepal today. He serves as the pub…

Adhikaar: International Women's Day

Adhikaar: International Women's Day: Photos

Adhikaar organized a near day long event yesterday at The Chian Federation in Astoria. I was glad to be on the panel. A few days before I had sent a brief bio to Narbada Chhetri upon request. Notice the third person.
Paramendra Bhagat is president of the digital democracy organization Hamro Nepal. The organization sends daily email to more than 8,000 Nepalis across the world. Paramendra worked full time for Nepal's democracy and social justice movements for more than two years, the only Nepali in America to do so. He was also one of Barack Obama's earliest supporters in New York City. He is one of the top 100 people in New York City on Twitter. He is a tech entrepreneur. His company wants to bring hundreds of millions of new people online. Internet access is the voting right for this 21st century, as he puts it.Below is a summary of my talk.

Globalization And Nepali Women: Challenges And Opportunities

Globalization means what happ…

Adhikaar: International Women's Day: Photos


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