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Progress On Constitution

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Slow but sure progress is being made.

Big parties inviting conflict: DPM Gachchhadar Republica
UML all for directly-elected PM, MMP electoral system The Maoists are for adopting an electoral system with multi-member constituency and unicameral legislature
Maoists lobby for powerful legislature House of Representative will have 151 members and National Assembly 51 members.
Movement a must: Maoist chief
Maoist ultimatum 
Maoists set Nov 1 deadline
Ethno-centric federalism
End of the era of Pan-Nepalism  

Leaders claim deal closer

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Finding Middle Ground

Dahal returns from China; says dialogue is UCPN-M's priority, not protests NepalNews

Bringing the parliament back to normal is of fundamental importance. People's duly elected representatives should get back to work. The Maoist blockade of the parliament has lasted too long.

Three Things To Worry About

I don't see the Maoists picking up arms again. That is a very remote possibility. Prachanda has made it absolutely clear if anyone is going to the jungle, it is going to the NC and the UML, not the Maoists. He can not be clearer.

The second thing to worry about is if the Maoists accept multi-party democracy or not. There also I am positive. There are still ideologues in the Maoists party who unapologetically talk of a one party communist republic, but then we also have royalists in the country. That does not mean the monarchy is ever coming back. I am not worried Nepal might end up a one party communist republic.

What does worry me is the degradation of the political culture…

The NRN Debate: It Is A Global, Online World

(sent to

Over the past few days I have read with great interest the raging
debate on the NRN question at the NepalNews website. Rabindra Mishra
and Krishna Sharma have come to it from two tangential angles. I have
also followed the ongoing NRN conference in Kathmandu through the
online media outlets with great interest. I wish the NRNA made and put
online full fledged videos of all the key speeches. It is so easy and
inexpensive to do.

Two words answer most of my curiosities on the topic: internet and
globalization. The world has changed fundamentally over the past
decade. You could argue it has turned upside down this past year with
a black man in the White House. Is that a slap to 500 years of world
history? The churns of digital technology and globalization have
affected Nepal and Nepalis as they have peoples everywhere. I receive
calls in New York City from some of the tens of people from my
homevillage near Janakpur, Nepal, who are in Malaysia and the Gulf
states. …

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Federalism Could Be A Tool To Recolonize The Terai

CA panel lists jurisdictions of center, federal states Republica Provincial governments will look after provincial railways, highways, courts, provincial development projects, health services, land management, land revenue, protection and use of language, culture, script and religion of the region, forest and water resources in the province, agriculture, livestock development, trade and commerce, transport management, production and sale of alcoholic items, among others...... the local government will be responsible for primary and secondary level education. ....... National and interstate environment management, use of forests, wild animals, flora and fauna, mountains, water resources and national parks that spread across the provinces have also been included in the concurrent list.
Highways have to be maintained at both the federal and state levels. The major arteries in the country will have to stay under federal jurisdiction. The proposed East West railway line can not be the prop…