Contents 2009

Marriage, Citizenship, Nepal, Madhes, And The Anti-Madhesi Ideology
News Videos  
Video: Gagan Thapa, Koshi, Constituent Assembly Polls Preview, Pushpa Dahal
Video: April Revolution 2006, Narahari Acharya, Prakash Lohani, Prashant Jha, CA Polls
Video: Upendra Mahato, Bal Krishna Joshi, Prashant Jha, Ian Martin
Video: Gagan Thapa, Khadga Oli
Hridesh Tripathy On Dishanirdesh, A 2008 Video
Ian Martin's Talk At The New School
Karima Begum
The Baburam Interview With The WPRM 
Progress On Constitution
Finding Middle Ground
The NRN Debate: It Is A Global, Online World
Federalism Could Be A Tool To Recolonize The Terai
Mission Madhes
Sonal: Photos
Sonal In Town
Sonal In Scarsdale
Dashain Party, Ridgewood
That Madhesi Agenda: Jitendra Sonal
Interaction With Madhav Nepal: Friday
Can Koirala Be Given Credit For Federalism?
The Word Madisey: Madisey Bhanne Shabda
A Federal Nepal: Emerging Maps 
The Maoists And Multi-Party Democracy
HKNepal Interview With Prachanda
Serial Entrepreneur Aditya Jha Honored By India Abroad
Karma Sherpa And The NYC Program For The Prime Minister
Sukhdev Shah And Anti-Madhesi Prejudice
A Reply To Surendra Devkota On Hindi
Awadh, Chitwan, Bhojpura, Mithila, Kochila = Madhesh
The UML Could Split
Tek Gurung's Event At Yak
An Afternoon With Prdip Giri
A DaMaJaMaKha Panel
Breakup Of MJF Better For One Unified Madhesi Party
Getting Published In Republica: Thoughts On Federalism
A Discussion Thread From Ashutosh Shrivastav's Facebook Page
Upendra Yadav's Options
Madhesi Movement And Peace Process: Rethink Time?
Madhav Nepal And Rule Of Law
What Next For The Madhesi Movement?
What Is Gachhedar Thinking?
The Implications Of A Split In The MJF
Koirala Has To Be Beat At His Own Game
The MJF Must Stay Intact
Putting The MJF Fire Out
MJF: Is Reconciliation Possible?
The MJF Drama
MJF Will Emerge Stronger
I Give Madhav Nepal Six Months
Upendra Yadav Is Going To Lead The MJF In The New Government
The Army Issue Has To Be Discussed In The Parliament
MJF: No Harm Done
Upendra Yadav Should Be Leading The MJF Team In The New Government
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MJF: Upendra Yadav Is The Leader
Nepali Diaspora: Rethink Time?
Is A Consensus Government Possible?
Time To Rally Around Madhav Nepal
Prachanda's Offer To Yadav, Then To Koirala
MJF: That Other Winner Of The April 2008 Election
News X Interview With Madhav Nepal
A Minority Government Is Possible
K.P. Oli
The President Should Declare An Emergency
Prachanda Messed Up
Madhav Nepal Would Be A Great Choice
Is An All Party Government Possible, Desirable?
Options For A New Coalition Government
Prime Minister Upendra Yadav?
Lesson For Maoists: Rule Of Law
Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal
Which Map Do You Like And Why?
Who Are Nepal's Martyrs?
A Fragile Peace
After Tharu Movement, Dalit, Muslim And Women's Movements
Baburam Bhattarai: Proposed Constitution
7,000 Martyrs: A Maoist Farce
National Coalition Against Racial Discrimination: Proposed Constitution
ग्रीन कार्ड भनेको भिसा जस्तो हो
ICG: Nepal's Faltering Peace Process
Unification Of Madhesi Parties
What Shape Federalism?
CPN (Maoist) To CPN (Deng)?
Who Killed Journalist Uma Singh?
Madhesi Movement: Next Phase
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