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Madhav Nepal And Rule Of Law

Former Prime Minister Prachanda's decision to sack the army chief Katuwal lacked due process and was declared so by the president. That decision by the president was promptly challenged and taken to the Supreme Court. Madhav Nepal went ahead and nullified the decision by the former Prime Minister. He can not possibly have done that. That is a disrespect of rule of law. A case that is still being considered by the Supreme Court has to be left to the Supreme CImage via Wikipediaourt. The Prime Minister, or the president or the parliament may not engage in such indulgences.

Madhav Nepal has made another similarly improper decision as Prime Minister. He waited for his own party to decide which UML people will represent that party in the parliament. Otherwise three top UML leaders were in major disagreement. He similarly waited for the Nepali Congress central committee to decide on which NC people will go into the government. That was also true of the TMLP, the SP and the RPP. But in th…

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What Next For The Madhesi Movement?

What Is Gachhedar Thinking?
The Implications Of A Split In The MJF
The MJF Must Stay Intact

Image by paramendra via FlickrAnalysis

Due to the high level of political consciousness achieved by the Madhesi population due to two Madhesi revolutions and one Tharu revolution, the political future of the Madhesi population is no longer tied to any particular political party. No party, be it the Madhesi parties, or the Maoists, UML, NC, can do business in the Terai without being respectful of the aspirations of the Madhesi people. Due to the Madhesi revolutions, the Madhesis already have almost proportionate representation in the parliament, although that proportionate representation has not yet extended to the other state organs more permanent in nature. Federalism has not been achieved yet, but it is on schedule. The Madhesi MPs are becoming ministers.

The vertical split in the MJF is a blow to the Madhesi movement, sure, but it is only a momentary blow. It does not undo the political conscious…

What Is Gachhedar Thinking?

The guy managed to engineer a vertical split in the MJF flouting all norms of parliamentary democracy. Madhav Nepal could not even have appointed people from his own party into the government before his party decided, but he went ahead and appointed Gachhedar against Gachhedar's party's official stand which at that point was to take part in the government in a way that both Yadav and Gachhedar get powerful ministries.

At best he now has about 25 MPs. And he is asking for five ministries including Home. AImage by paramendra via Flickr unified MJF could have got five ministries, Home included. But by now Gachhedar has become a joke. Girija Koirala and Madhav Nepal used him and discarded him.

The party is still not officially split. There still is time. He and Upendra Yadav should meet in person and sort out their differences. But since all the plum portfolios have already been taken by the NC and the UML, the MJF has only one option left: stay outside the government, support it fr…

The Implications Of A Split In The MJF

Looks like the MJF has formally split. Gachhedar has gone ahead and registered a new party by the name of MJF-Nepal. I guess he has named the party after the guy who made him Deputy Prime Minister.

What are the implications of this split? What are some of the possibilities?

(1) The Madhav Nepal government lasts six months, and then either there is a new Maoist-led coalition, or a new all party, national consensus government.

(2) One of the two factions withers away. The healthy faction doubles in size.

(3) The momentum and leadership of the Madhesi Movement shifts to TMDP. The Sadbhavana has more room to grow.

(4) The Nepali Congress sees a revival in the Terai.

(5) The new space from the split is taken up by the Maoists who return with a bigger share of paraliamentary seats after the election next year.

(6) The two MJF factions become one again a few weeks later after Yadav and Gachhedar think with cooler heads.

(7) The Madhesi issues are well taken care of, since there is no going back on t…

Koirala Has To Be Beat At His Own Game

Image by paramendra via FlickrGachchhadar faces actionEarlier on Thursday morning, Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala asked Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal over the phone to appoint Gachchhadar as deputy prime minister..... Koirala made the request to Nepal after he held a meeting with Gachchhadar at Koirala residence at Maharajgunj. NC leaderKhum Bahadur Khadka accompanied Gachchhadar during the meeting. Girija Koirala has to be beat at his own game for his recent foul play with the MJF. The need of the hour is to bring the party back from the brink of a vertical split and reunify it.

Upendra Yadav has to face the fact that him becoming Prime Minister was never an option this past month. Prachanda was never serious about the offer. The way for a MJF person to become Prime Minister is by winning big in the election next year. And you can't even win if you split the party, let alone win big.

A sane revival plan for the Nepali Congress would be to usher in a new era of…

The MJF Must Stay Intact

Image via WikipediaThe most important thing for now is to make sure the MJF does not split. If joining the Madhav Nepal government keeps the MJF intact, the party should join the government. If staying outside the government keeps the MJF intact, the party should stay outside the government. If keeping Bijay Gachhedar Deputy Prime Minister keeps the MJF intact, Gachhedar should stay on as Deputy Prime Minister. If making Upendra Yadav Deputy Prime Minister keeps the MJF intact, Yadav should be made Deputy Prime Minister.

The MJF was a party born out of identity politics. That identity politics has gone one step further. The Yadavs, Tharus, and the Muslims are three equally numerous, proud groups in the Terai. The Yadavs have to remember that. If the MJF central committee has too many Yadavs, the parliamentary party has a better balance of Yadavs and non-Yadavs.
Image by paramendra via Flickr
It is a good thing if the party has several strong personalities at the central level. Upendra Ya…

Putting The MJF Fire Out

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The MJF Drama
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MJF: Upendra Yadav Is The Leader

The most important thing for the MJF right now is to make sure the party does not split. And the way to resolve all outstanding issues is through dialogue and open voting. Bijay Gachhedar showing majority support in both the central committee and the parliamentary party is a turning point, if he has done that.

The physical attack on some of the women lawmakers of the MJF in Birgunj is shameful.

Majority vote gets to make the decisions. If that means that the party president's line of thinking ends up in the minority then he simply has to accept that.

How to prevent a vertical split?