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TMDP, MPRF Unification: Huge

Yadav should be made Chairman, and Thakur should be made Ganeshman. And all these people pictured above should be made members of the politburo. I might have left a few names in haste. Please make amends.

Thakur represents the Terai's central role in Nepal's democracy movement going back decades. Upendra Yadav symbolizes the first Madhesi Kranti. Sharad Singh's bona fides are as strong as anyone's. The guy quit the powerful Defense Ministry to make a strong claim on behalf of the Madhesh. And he represents 40% of the Terai's population: the Pahadis. Gachhedar represents the Tharus, a group larger than the Yadavs, the largest among the many Madhesi groups. Tripathy, Mahato, Sarita, Anil: they are all Gajendra's disciples. They all have long histories.

After this step all Madhesi parties will be forced to join the unification bandwagon. They will do that or they will get left behind. I think it is important to bring all Madhesi parties together, even small ones …

Federalism: Evolving Maps

The first map I drew for Nepal's federalism had three geographic states. This was in 2005-2006, I believe.

More recently I have proposed six states plus one non geographic state for Dalits.

But today I stand for the single identity state concept because that is what at least two thirds of the people in the country want.

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Federal Republican Alliance, Federal Alliance, Democratic Alliance, Left Alliance

The Fourth Pole
Upendra Yadav: Fourth Pole?
Federalist Alliance, Democratic Alliance, Left Alliance

The Federal Republican Alliance as led by Prachanda, the Federal Alliance is the name I have given to the group spearheaded by Upendra Yadav. I think there is a possibility these two alliances might end up forming an electoral alliance.

These two will emerge the two largest groups in the next assembly, and you might end up seeing Upendra Yadav as the Deputy Prime Minister by virtue of being the leader of the second largest alliance. That is one interesting scenario that could possibly unfold.

The key thing is between the two there will be a comfortable two thirds majority. That will ensure a federal constitution.

मधेशमा एक पार्टीको विकल्प छैन : सर्वेन्द्रनाथ शुक्ला
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दलहरू एक हुन नसक्ने तर प्रदेश एउटा बनाउन खोज्ने ? : रामेश्वर राय यादव
भट्टराईको सरकारले राष्ट्रिय अस्मिता बेचे : गगन थापा
Current govt…

The Fourth Pole

This is the fourth pole of Nepali politics. Do not underestimate it. It might not produce a Prime Minister right away, but it will likely produce more than one Chief Minister.

If the new Janajati Party, I believe likely to be called the Federal Socialist Party, joins this alliance, it could emerge the second biggest pole in the country's politics.

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Federalist Alliance, Democratic Alliance, Left Alliance
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