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The UML Could Split

Image via WikipediaThe UML is gearing for a split, it seems like. That is the impression I get.

Khanal and Oli show no signs of relenting. Both are gungho on their respective stands. And once the ball is set in motion, it is hard to stop it.

A split in the UML will lead to a certain fall of the Madhav Nepal government.

Increasing lawlessness in the country, political paralysis, Maoist intransigence: Nepal's peace process is going through a delicate phase right now.

My position is that we need to move towards a national unity, all party government.
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Tek Gurung's Event At Yak


An Afternoon With Prdip Giri

I was excited enough to be a panelist on the event put together by Tek Gurung's organization. It was to be at Yak, Sunday, today, around noon. Then two days back I had an email from Somji, as in Somnath Ghimire. His organization was doing a tea reception with Pradip Giri, the email said. The event started at two. If I had not been a panelist with Tek's event, I would have skipped it, no second thought. But now I was in a dharam sankat. What to do? I shot an email to Somji. Start the event as late as you can, and keep it going for as long as you can. I will try and be there as early as I can.

A DaMaJaMaKha Panel

I showed up. The event was supposed to start at 11:30. Lunch for an hour, then the event. Instead the lunch started at 12:30. It might have been closer to one. Different cultures read time differently. Nepalis who are perfectly punctual to their America jobs will unfailingly show up late for Nepali events. Homesickness?

181 Photos From The Event
USNepalOnline Coverage

There …

A DaMaJaMaKha Panel

(article sent to USNepalOnline)

I am honored to be a panelist for the United Nepalese Democratic Forum
event Sunday, August 30, at 11:30 AM at Yak in Jackson Heights. My
good friend Tek Gurung, the UNDF president, is hosting it. I have been
to many Nepali events in NYC the past four years. This might be the
first panel that has a DaMaJaMaKha presentation, as in Dalit, Madhesi,
Janajati, Mahila and Khas, and that is no small achievement. I can't
wait to show up and participate.

The topic for the discussion is New Constitution and Fundamental
Issues of Nepal. I think the number one issue is obviously federalism,
and there is the not so small matter of army formation.

On the army formation, I think it is for the parliament to discuss and
shape a Security Sector Reform bill. That bill will decide if Nepal
should have an army, if yes, how big, what should be the gender and
ethnic composition of that Nepal Army, how that composition has to be
achieved, and how to smoothen the transition of the leftove…

Breakup Of MJF Better For One Unified Madhesi Party

Don't take oath in Nepali: Madhesi parties Republica Madhesi People´s Rights Forum (Democratic), Madhesi People´s Rights Forum, Tarai Madhes Democratic Party, Sadbhawana Party and Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi) participated in the meeting.Now that the MJF has split into two, there is no one Madhesi party that is much, much bigger than the rest. And it is not like the MPs of the breakaway MJF faction are now working Image by paramendra via Flickragainst the Madhesi agenda that got them elected in the first place. The Madhesi people have not lost any strength in the parliament. No strength has been lost for the work on the constitution.

Now you have two MJF factions and a TMLP that are all roughly equal in size. And you have two Sadbhavana factions that are relatively small. I feel like these five Madhesi parties are in perfect shape to attempt a unification at some point over the next few months.

Attempts have to be made over the next few months to do that work of unificatio…



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Getting Published In Republica: Thoughts On Federalism

Image by paramendra via FlickrThoughts on federalism


Nepal achieved democracy, secularism, a republican setup and federalism in principle faster than most people thought it was possible. Lawlessness still prevails but if all parties were to come together on the issue like they did for the 2006 April Revolution, law and order situation can be improved swiftly. Right now, drafting the constitution feels like a huge task, and it is, but once we have the document, we are going to face the stark reality that the constitution is but a framework—the real work is to bring about an economic revolution that would last for decades. But the work on the constitution comes first and the knottiest issue there is likely to be federalism.

Do we need federalism? Yes, we do. We have already answered that question as a people. Now we have to do the hard work of figuring out what shape and form that federalism will take. There are a lot of people who hold the view that we should not divide …