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That Madhesi Agenda: Jitendra Sonal

The Prime Minister's delegation has about 30 members, one of them Madhesi. That is nowhere close to proportionate.
Interaction With Madhav Nepal: FridayCan Koirala Be Given Credit For Federalism?The Word Madisey: Madisey Bhanne ShabdaA Federal Nepal: Emerging MapsThe Maoists And Multi-Party DemocracyRelated articles by ZemantaNepal acts on currency shortage ( Mob Beats, Strips And Parades Woman Around (
Said joint-general secretary of the Terai Madhes Loktantrik Party, Jitendra Sonal, “Hindi is a common link between all languages spoken across the Madhes.”Speaking to the daily, joint general secretary Jitendra Sonal said the party had decided to join the government to raise the Madhes issues. The split occurred in September 2007, as the MJF vice chairmen Bhagyanath Gupta and Kishor Kumar Bishwash and Ram Kumar Sharma and Jitendra Sonal were expelled from MJF. Gupta became chairman, Sharma general secretary, Bishwash and Sonal vice chairmen of t…

Interaction With Madhav Nepal: Friday

September 25, 2009, Friday, 5:30 PM
Entrance: Free
Theme: Federalism In Nepal
Chian Federation Hall
44-01 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103
Take the R or V train to 46th St

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal of the Republic of NepalDate: September 24, 2009 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Location: Rotunda, Low Memorial Library, Columbia University

"Post-Conflict Challenges and Development"

A keynote address by
Madhav Kumar Nepal
Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

With remarks from
Sujata Koirala
Foreign Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Followed by a question and answer session with the audience

Registration is required.

Right Honorable Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal, Prime Minister of Nepal, was born in Nepal's southern Rautahat district on March 6, 1953. He graduated in commerce from Tribhuvan University in 1973 and worked in banking services before joining politics. Mr. Nepal joined the communist movement in 1969 as a member of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) unde…

Can Koirala Be Given Credit For Federalism?

A lot of Nepali Congress people give Girija Koirala credit for the alliance that the democratic parties ultimately formed with the Maoists to bring the monarchy down. But that alliance would not have been possible if the democratic parties had not agreed to the idea of a constituent assembly. And Girija was opposed to that idea of a constituent assembly to the very last. That is why he does not get credit for what he calls mainstreaming the Maoists.

The guy is here on record saying he is opposed to the kind of map for federalism that the Maoists, the UML and now his own party have come up with. He calls them "latitudinal." But it is a latitudinal map that will firm up. When that happens, will the Nepali Congress people then give Koirala credit for the same? You have to wonder.

Girija opposes 'latitudinal division' of the country NepalNews
Dahal claims Madhesis are withdrawing support to govt some Madhes based parties are likely to withdraw support to the coalition gove…

The Word Madisey: Madisey Bhanne Shabda

I attended the Non Resident Nepali Association event at Shangrila Sunday evening. It was a well attended event. The energy level was high. It was good to see Binodji emcee the event. I take pride in the fact that a Madhesi - Upendra Mahato - launched the global NRN movement.

I think the NRN movement needs to address some structural anomalies before it takes off in the United States. There is a lot of opposition to the NAC - Nepalese Americas Council - becoming the national coordination committee for the NRNA. The association is going to have to start from scratch and build its own national coordination committee like in other countries.

Also in answer to a question from a Janajati if there were Janajatis among the founding leaders of the NRN, Suman Timilsina, who I gather is the national president of the NRNA in the US, replied by saying a "madisey" was the leader for this particular region.

The word Madhesi is like the word Negro, or even African-American, or black. Negro is a…

A Federal Nepal: Emerging Maps

Looks like we will end up with somewhere between 10 and 15 states in a federal Nepal. The good news is all major parties have finally ditched the ridiculous idea of strictly geographic north-south vertical states. All of Terai will likely not end up as one state, but the only disagreement now is if the Terai will have two or four or five states. I say two: Tharuwan and Madhesh.

The Maoists were the original proponent of the two states in the Terai idea. Then after the first Madhesi revolution they decided to punish the Madhesi people by breaking up their own Madhesh state into many parts in their internal maps. Now they are back to having the original Madhesh state minus the two important eastern districts of Jhapa and Morang. They have to rectify that as well. All of the Terai from Rapti to Mechi has to be one state.

Looks like the Limbus will get Limbuwan, and that is fine by me. And looks like the Himali people will get their own two states. And the Khasan in my map will be two geogr…

The Maoists And Multi-Party Democracy

Image via WikipediaYou don't get the impression the Maoists ever got over their original dream of a one partycommunistrepublic. They want to act like it is a one party communist republic while they are leading a coalition government, they want to act like it is a one party communist republic when they get out of power. You have to wonder how they will act should they manage to get a simple majority on their own next year. And people like Kiran Vaidya who is one of the top five Maoist leaders never hide it that it is a one party communist republic that they have in mind. So do you believe Baburam Bhattarai when he says his party is committed to multi-party democracy, or do you dismiss him as a lightweight Maoist?

HKNepal Interview With Prachanda

The Maoists have had the option to try and win away enough parties from the current coalition government to try and topple this government. They have had the option to push forth theImage via Wikipedia idea of an all party national unity gove…

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HKNepal Interview With Prachanda

Serial Entrepreneur Aditya Jha Honored By India Abroad


Karma Sherpa And The NYC Program For The Prime Minister

I just got off the phone with Karma Gyalden Sherpa. It was a half hour conversation.

Karma has been my favorite Nepali in New York City since I showed up in town a few years ago. The Madhesis have to seek an alliance with the Janajatis to achieve equality in Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. He is not one of those "Bahun ko jhola bokne" Janajati/Madhesi, his phrase. I like that about him a lot. He has a warm personality. He has a high emotional intelligence. He has been running the largest, most vibrant Nepali organization in New York City for a few years now.

I missed the meeting yesterday evening where the Adivasi Janajati Mahasangh and the UNDF tried to work out the details for the Prime Minister's program on the 25th. I might have been late: it was to have been my fourth event of the day (Nepali Picnic, Poetry Festival, Science House MeetUp). And I also ended up at the wrong location. But I did meet someone who was on his way back from the meeting. I debriefed him on the …

Sukhdev Shah And Anti-Madhesi Prejudice

Sukhdev Shah was way ahead of his time in terms of how far he went with his education. But his observation has been that his homevillage looks still the same after half a century.

He was vocal about democracy during the Panchayat era, and he has been vocal about Madhesi rights since democracy in 1990.

He gave so much to the Nepali Congress, but that party did not think him qualified to be the Nepali ambassador to the US back in 1991 or ever after. It took a MJF to make him the offer. He has been qualified this entire time.

I have utmost respect for Sukhdevji. And it is so very unfortunate that a government got toppled and the almost achieved dream of seeing a Madhesi as the Nepali ambassador to the US got dashed. Image by paramendra via Flickr

Maybe this government will also get toppled in a few months, and an all party government will get formed, and the MJF will come back into power, and perhaps we will see the job done. But right now I am not counting on it.

What most gets me is the st…

A Reply To Surendra Devkota On Hindi

Hindi Is Central To The Madhesi Identity
An Afternoon With Prdip Giri

Nepali is the language of the 24% Khas population in Nepal. But when the various Janajati groups talk to each other, they do use the Nepali language. That is what makes NepImage by paramendra via Flickrali the link language in the hills. That is the reality.

Similarly Hindi exists as the link language between the various language groups in the Terai like the Maithili, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Tharu, Marwadi and Urdu speakers among many.

You could argue Nepali is an Indian language. More than 10 million Indians in India speak Nepali. Nepali has been duly recognized in India's constitution.

So the fact that Hindi is spoken in India and has been duly recognized in India's constitution can not be the reason to politically recognize Hindi in Nepal.

The Pahadis of Nepal should team up with the Madhesis of Nepal and with Indians and other South Asians to work to make Hindi the UN's sixth language. Hindi is key to the larger…