Federalism Could Be A Tool To Recolonize The Terai

Rhino from Nepal
CA panel lists jurisdictions of center, federal states Republica Provincial governments will look after provincial railways, highways, courts, provincial development projects, health services, land management, land revenue, protection and use of language, culture, script and religion of the region, forest and water resources in the province, agriculture, livestock development, trade and commerce, transport management, production and sale of alcoholic items, among others...... the local government will be responsible for primary and secondary level education. ....... National and interstate environment management, use of forests, wild animals, flora and fauna, mountains, water resources and national parks that spread across the provinces have also been included in the concurrent list.
Highways have to be maintained at both the federal and state levels. The major arteries in the country will have to stay under federal jurisdiction. The proposed East West railway line can not be the property of the future Madhes state. That will have to stay in federal jurisdiction. The same will have to apply to all the big hydroelectricity projects. The big rivers of Nepal are national property and belong to all Nepalis equally. If we do not make that clear in the constitution we are going to have major river disputes in the future between the states.
NC Leaders Snub NC Prez's Call
PP Leader 'threatens' To Withdraw Support From Govt
Republica The Nepali Congress (NC) Parliamentary Party has strongly protested ..... Poudel threatened to withdraw support to the coalition government if he disregarded the party´s institutional decision. ..... None of the senior NC leaders except ministers representing the party in the government attended the swearing in. ..... Koirala had given indications that he would look for an alternative government if Nepal failed to promote his daughter to DPM. ...... He had asked Sujata Koirala to help mend the schism within her party and prolong the current government as the NC PP and CWC were against her becoming DPM. 

Maoists propose amendment to draft resolution Republica
Chances of consensus slim: Dr Bhattarai  
Dahal 'assured' of end to deadlock by Oct 20
Govt plans to make judges' assets public 
Maoists attack NC rally, 5 critically injured

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