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The King Is Being Super Unreasonable
Googlebombing An Autocrat King
A War Of Words, Not A War Of Bullets
Trent Lott And Gyanendra Shaha
Diaspora Dynamics
To Talk Or Not To Talk To Giri
Why The Maoists Should Not Go Back To Violence
Koirala's Request To The Regime To Postpone Elections
Mero Sansar Video Clips
Robert Kaplan Is An American Cowboy
Isolating The Monarchy
Senator Patrick Leahy
This Reads Like An Executive, Feudal Monarchy
Maoists Should Go Beyond Ceasefire To Peaceful Mobilization
Major Revisions
Phone Talk With Girija Koirala: Meeting History Itself
18, 7, 4, 12, 10
Follow The Money
20,000 And 100,000 And Clarity
Write A Thank You Email To Congressman Walsh
January 12 Janakpur, January 20 Kathmandu
King's Peace Overture To Maoists: Fake Or Real?
The King In Dhaka, Tunis
Time For Madhesi Militancy Is Now
NDF Owner, Stop This Nonsense, Reinstate Immediately
December 11 Sunday 11 AM Union Square
NAC Goes Proactive
In The Quest For Social Justice Feelings Are Going To Get Hurt
10 Point Agreement To Succeed 12 Point Agreement
ND Dynamics
Gagan Thapa's Right To Free Speech
The Cloud Model, Not The Pyramid Model
ND Glasnost
Umesh, Turn It Into A Business
200 Brown Shirts
Diaspora Logistical Help To The Movement
Alliance Action In Kathmandu
Nepali Bloggers At The Forefront Of The Movement
What Is A Constituent Assembly?
Political Reasons Against House Revival
Nelson Mandela Can Smell Fish
ICG Report On The New Alliance
Lilamani Pokharel For Continuous Movement
The 12 Point Agreement Succeeds The 4 Point Program
The Four Major Powers India, China, America And Dipta
Phone Talk With Madhav Nepal, Hridayesh Tripathy
Audio Video
Attack On Radio Sagarmatha: A Regime On Its Way Down
Prachanda Audio Interview, A First
198 Methods Of Non Violent Action
Logistics To Bring Down The Regime
To: ND Group, c/o Puru Subedi
Every Sunday 11 AM Union Square
India-US-EU Need To Provide Logistical Support To The Democracy Movement
Nepalese Americas Council Welcomes Maoist-Democrat Accord
Ways To Cut The Gordian Knot
Democratic Unity Needed
This Movement Also Against Rana Rule: Satchit Is So Much B.S.
Nepal Democracy Google Group Does Not Believe In Free Speech
40 Reasons Why The Three Forces Should Come Ar0und To My Proposed Constitution
Fast Developments
Revive House, Lay Down Arms, Put Up With Me: Girija
Prachanda Statement
Dinesh Wagle, 7 Leaders, 27 Questions
Movement Taken To Online Video
Prachanda, Extend The Ceasefire By Three Months
Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat, Vermont
40 Royalists Write To Bush
The Endgame
Newton, Apples, And Girija's House Revival Idea
Moriarty's Irresponsible Mainstream
Proposed Constitution
The Ball Might Finally Be Rolling In
China, Japan, Afghanistan In
Pyramid Of 10 In Kathmandu
Enter The Dragon
Fundraising Among Nepalis In The US: Pyramid Of 10
Indian Support For Democrat-Maoist Alliance A Must
Teen Sutriya Agenda
Maoist, Moriarty, Madhav, Manmohan: Get Behind The 3 Point Program
A Plant Looking At An Animal
3 Scenarios
Rajeev Goyal Talks Up Caste
Krishna Pahadi At New York University
Pahadi Says Goal Is Democratic Republic
House Revival Stance Preventing Progress
Gagan's Talk In New York
US Congress Writes To Secretary Rice
Krishna Pahadi November 6 Sunday 5 PM
Seven Party Forum In Jackson Heights
Democratic Options
ICG Report On Maoists
Girija: A Closet Republican
Noorani: King Gyanendra and Henry VIII
Tanka Goebbels Dhakal
Dean 2008, China, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, Cuba And Nepal
A Day In The Life Of Gagan Thapa
The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Gagan Thapa
INSEC Report: One Month Of Ceasefire
Sage Radachowsky Interviews Anil Jha
The Army Rank And File Need To Be For The People And Democracy
Assault On Kantipur FM: The Regime Preparing For A Showdown
Gagan Thapa October 22 Saturday 2 PM Columbia University
A Day In The Life Of Charlie Szrom
Art Of War, Art Of Peace
Badri Mandal: Winner
The King's February 2006, April 2007 Offensive
Crackdown On Media Is Crackdown On People
The King Has Gone On The Offensive
The Maoists Need To Come Clean Or They Go Down With The King
The King Is Intent On Visiting France And Russia
Gagan Thapa Talk In Boston: Two Hours Audio
Tulsi Giri Interview
Homework For Another Round Of Civil War
Girija's House Revival Fantassy
October 2, 2002
Anil Jha, Bimal Nidhi, Jimmy Carter
Timi Sadak Ma Utreko Dekheko Chhu
Municipal Polls Or Mass Protests
Militarists, Maoists, Monotones, Dorambaites, Naxalites
Militarists Attempting A Doramba Repeat To End Ceasefire
Tales Of Torture
Anil Jha, Bimal Nidhi US Tour Logistics
A Question For Mahara
100,000 Unarmed Maoist Cadres
The Onus Is On The King
The Maoists Could Do More
Republic Of Nepal: Blog
Indian Maoists And The Nepal Movement For Democracy
The RNA Could Be Disbanded
Pyar Jung's Jumbo Size Love For The King
The Foreign Powers Need To Come Clean On The Constituent Assembly Question
Sadbhavana Meets In Janakpur
The Maoist Ceasefire: The Devil In The Details
The Royal Court
Madhav Nepal, Commander Of The Movement
Bimalendra Nidhi US Tour
Gagan Thapa US Tour
What's Going On In Nepal
For The First Time In A Decade, Permanent Peace Feels Possible
The Mutual Attraction: King G And Tulsi Giri
Ahobhagya Shaubhagya: Confusion InThe Monarchist Camp
Physical Abuse Of Peaceful Protestors
Tom Pain Has Praise For This Blog
Gagan Thapa Amerika Tour
Email From Madhav Kumar Nepal
Tulsi Giri Is Beyond Redemption
Options For The Maoists And The Democrats
The King, The Army, The Ceasefire
September 16 Protest Rally
Beyond Royal Rule: An ICG Report
The King In Janakpur
Video Blogging The Movement
Face To Face With Prachanda
Sharad Chandra Shaha Is A Dazzling Person
Mahabharat Or Soap Opera
Wish Me Luck
Could The King Impose Another Emergency?
Interview With Comrade Prachanda
Bharat Mohan Adhikari Is In Town
Alliance Of Steel
Nepal's Terai People In Deplorable Conditions: Mahto
Down With The Monarchy
The Obstinate Monarchists
Dear Charlie
Caution: Alliance Approaching
Irresponsible Response To Ceasefire
Prachanda, Do Not Break The Ceasefire
Positive Signs
The King Should Now Move To Step 2
King Cancels UN Visit
To Trust Or Not To Trust The Maoists
The Nepali Rasputins Want A Revolution
Sumit Pokhrel On Democracy For Nepal
Proposed Constitution
RNA, Declare Your Own Ceasefire, You Have No Choice
After Ganapathy, A Ceasefire
What Is Prachanda Doing?
Power Woman Protest
Is Prachanda For Real?
Girija Koirala Must Be Doing Something Right
To: Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
Baburam Bhattarai, Pramod Aryal, Ram Chandra Poudel
Supreme Court, Revive House, Save Country, Hurry
Somnath Ghimire: King G Is Pinochet
Redesigning The Monarchy
Messenger Chat With Purandar Ghimire
Words Matter
Democrats Rebuff Maoists And Monarchists
KC Pralhad: A Misled And Misleading Monarchist
Dialogue Is Give And Take
Nepali Congress Goes The UML Route, Almost
Major Fermentations In The NC And The UML
China: 5000 Years, America: 200 Years
Narahari Acharya For Nepali Congress President
September 16: Sajha Buzz
NC, UML And A Democratic Republic
Dialogue Is The Democratic Way
Generation Next
Mohi Magne, Dhungro Lukaune
House Revival Possibilities
Madhesi Hum Lenge Sau Mein Pachas
Prachanda, Order Your Cadres To Live
5 Steps
To Meet Or Not To Meet
Opposition To The Idea Of Meeting With The King
Letter To Sharad Chandra Shaha
Gang Of Four
Between Drinking Water And Helicopters
You Can Always Trust The Democrats To Be About Two Months Behind Schedule
Hridayesh Tripathy
The Kathmandu Media Ignores The Sadbhavana
Logic For The Maoists
The Democrats
The Two Extremes
The Narahari Acharya Proposal
The King And His Three Years
Somnath Ghimire On Leadership Crisis In Nepali Congress
Narahari Acharya Deserves A Platform
Anatomy Of The Conflict In Pokhara
Where I Stand On The Monarchy Question
Girijaspeak: When Republicans Are Royalists
5 Steps To Democracy
Renaming The Blog In Honor Of Gagan's Release
Caste Discrimination Leads To War
Email To Charlie Szrom
Email From Charlie Szrom
Gagan Thapa Released
The Movement Has Been Gathering Much Momentum
Proposed Democratic Republican Constitution
Chargesheeting Gagan: This Regime Has Gone Berserk
Moriarty Going The Bloomfield Route
Project Take Over Tundikhel: Draft 1
Janata Dal Constitution
Alliance Gathering At Queens Bridge Park
Mainstreaming The Monarchy
Amnestry International Report: Nepali Children Caught In Conflict
United We Blog Hacked!
No, Ambassador, Municipality Polls Are Not An Option
Senator Leahy To US Congress On Nepal
Chitra Tiwari eInterview With Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
BP Koirala: Hoping Against Hope At Sundarijal
Gagan Thapa Feels Unsafe In Jail
Keith Bloomfield
To: Koirala, Nepal, KC, Pokharel, Tripathy, Mahto And The Rest
Gagan Thapa Case Taken To The United Nations
The Asian Development Bank Report
2005 Young Republican National Convention (US) Resolution 1 On Nepal
Gagan Thapa Arrested Again
Tom Daschle
UN Security Council Needs To Enforce Human Rights On A War Footing
Royal Family Pictorial
NC UML Pictorial
Deuba Is Not Going Down
Loktantra: Pahilo Patak
Loktantra Launched
South Asia Tribune: What To Believe?
Press Protests
Shambhu Thapa On Radio Dovaan
Possible Framework For A Maoist-Democrat Alliance
Kunda Dixit In Jackson Heights
What Has Narayan Gopal Got To Do With It?
Bush's War On Terror And King G
Regime Bent On Repression
Major Student Protests
Political And Military Stalemate: Democrats Stand To Tip The Balance
Adding Video Clips To This Blog
CEO Gyanendra Shaha
Cabinet Expansion: A King Who Will Break, Not Bend
Seize The Moment: Match The Maoists
Democrats, Drop Your Buckets
From The Nepai Language Press Online
Monsoon Break
The Road To The White House Goes Through Nepal
From Li Onesto
Maoist Suicide Bombers In The Offing?
Loktantra: A Magazine In The Offing
Nepali Congress Slumber Party
INSN And Samudaya Blocked In Nepal
Getting Interviewed By A Cornell University Student
Tehelka Interview With Baburam
Ram Chandra Poudel And The Supreme Court Judges
40% Of Americans Can't Point Out The Pacific On A Map
Op-Ed Piece Sent To The New York Times
So Much For Hindutva, Hindu Kingdom, And Hindu King
Make It Official: International Conference In Delhi
Deuba: The Common Sense Meter
For Democrats Reinventing Self More Important Than Any Alliance With Maoists
A King Who Intends To Stay The Course
King G And The Concept Of Democracy
Nepali Maoists, Bihari Maoists
Power Through Political Dialogue
The Monarchists Digging Heels
1000 Multifarious Uses Of Article 127
Full Democracy Soon?
CPI (M), CPN (M)
Prachanda's Meaningful Statement
Constituent Assembly Will Still Be A Lot Of Work In The Form Of Political Dialogue
Sangram Morcha: A New Political Party (1993)
Activist Judges Could Save The Day
Proposed Constitution
ICG Report: Lasting Peace
Seeking Common Ground
From The Blogosphere
Badri Mandal: Sadbhavana's RPP Face
My Audio Clips: Reflections
Girija Koirala, Bamdev Gautam In Delhi
The Hardliner Democrat Approach
The Bombing Of A Bus
Power Does Not Necessarily Flow Through The Barrel Of A Gun: Maoists
The Maoists And The Democrats Giving The King Veto Power
Peace First, Then Democracy, Democracy First, Then Social Justice
Rabindra Mishra, An Unprofessional, Disrespectful Journalist
A King Who Wishes He Were A Politician
Reorganized UN, Proposed Constitution, Methods
Prachanda Press Statement
Common Minimum Program: Constituent Assembly
Rumor Has It The King Is About To Make A Major Move
Baburam Bhattarai Press Statement
The Lake Freezes At 32 Degrees Fahrenheit Like Magic
A Royal Signal: The Parliament Could Be Revived
Maoist Military Victory Vs Roundtable Conference With The Maoists
Streets Filling Up
Democratic Solidarity With The Nepali Congress
Absolute/Relative Power And Money
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Scapegoating Deuba Shows King's Desperation
The Emotional Structure Of The Conflict
Phone Talk With Hridayesh Tripathy
Laying The Grounds For A Weak Movement
Comrade Gonzalo Of Peru: A Profile
The Maoists Have Been Reading My Emails, Blog Entries
Dinesh Prasain Tour: Report
100 Reasons To Revive Parliament
Baburam: Prachanda's Best Bet, Litmust Test, And Only Option
Madhesi Rights: Abhi Nahin To Kabhi Nahin
Lifting Emergency: Was It A Major Step?
Pradip Giri: DaMaJaMa
Prachanda's Letter Bomb Of 5/1
The Seven Dwarfs
Girija, Deuba, And The Rest Of Them Clowns
To: His Majesty The King
Proposed Constitution
Email From Arzu Rana Deuba
Tibetans And Madhesis
Streets Filling Up For The First Time
There Might Still Be Room For Monarchy If The King Gets On Best Behavior
This Is Huge: Emergency Over
Changing Gears
Gagan Thapa Arrested, Deuba Re-Arrested
India's U-Turn: Nuanced As Predicted
India's U-Turn: Are Proponents Of Democracy Strong Enough?
The State Of Emergency Expires At The End Of April
The King Will Only Respond To Internal Pressure
"Urgent: Disappearance Of My Father" by Sarahana Shrestha
Prachanda: A Profile
How To Move Towards A Common Minimum Program?
The Nepali Diaspora Contradiction: Would You Like Some Tea?
Prachanda Is Angry
Hindu International (HI)
The Dinesh Prasain US Speaking Tour
The Twins Gyanendra And Prachanda Are Watching Closed-Circuit Television
Uttar Ram Tamata
I Don't Feel Sorry For The King
A Victory For The Democrats, Monarchists, Maoists
Shortcut To A New Constitution, Shortcut To Peace
Nepali Maoists And The US Perspective
Reviving Parliament: Not An Option
To: Benazir Bhutto
News Clips April 2, 4
This Inadequate, Improper, Insufficient 1990 Constitution
Phone Marathon II
To: George Soros
Phone Marathon: Called Up Delhi
Koirala Disappoints: He Is The Same Worn Out Record
Koirala Is Out: Expect Some Action
The Monarchists, Not The Maoists, Are Like The Al Qaeda
King Gyanendra: A Profile
News Clips March 27,29,30
Online Coverage Of The Maoists
Nepal Communist Party (Progressive)
The ICG Report
To: Prachanda, Baburam, Mahara, Badal And The Rest Of The Maoist Leadership
News Clips March 21,23,25
The Junta Is Defiant: Is It The Burma Option They Have In Mind?
Prime Minister-Elect Prasain: "You Have The Power!"
Doing Business With Baburam Bhattarai
Nepali Times: Managing To Stay In Print
Shaubhagya Shah: Autocracy 101 At Harvard
"I’m sorry Mrs Sunuwar"
eDemocracy, 4S Campaign, 24/7 Vigil For Democracy: Take Over Tundikhel
Baburam Bhattarai On A Democratic Republic
Time For The Nepali Congress To Take A Stand On The Constituent Assembly Question
Response To The Panchayati Ghost Tulsi Giri
Indo-US-EU Alliance Needs To Do A US-In-Haiti In Nepal
Are The Democracies All Talk And No Action?
Finally The Democrats Make Sense
Various Time Slips
Ideological Overture To The Nepali Maoists (2)
International Intervention: The Only Way Out
A Lot Of Good Got Done During The 1990s
Dinesh Prasain, Condi Rice, and the Indian Parliament
Phone Interview With Rajendra Mahato
Comrade Ramesh Nath Pandey And World Revolution
If The Basic Rights Were Restored
News Clips: March 6 to 9
Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka: Lessons For Nepal
Democracy: The Third Wave
Dinesh Prasain's Possible US Tour In April
Deputy Prime Minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari's Daughter Speaks Out
Some Basic Acts Of Co-Ordination
Human Rights ----> Political Platform ----> Full-Fledged Movement
Democrats, Imagine The Worst From Monarchists/Maoists
Non-Violent Militancy, Concerted Global Action
Major Indian Support For Democracy In Nepal
Ideological Overture To The Nepali Maoists
In The News
3 Months Or 3 Years
Sought eDialogue with Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
Three Years: Too Long A Wait
King G, Active Politics, and Media Interviews
Indo-US Alliance For Democracy In Nepal Needed
Burma Option Or Pakistan Option
The King's Best Option: Go Back On TV One More Time
The Tide Might Be Turning
Hridayesh Tripathy In Delhi: Good News
Towards a Democratic Republic of Nepal
News And Comments
The SEBS Thread That Got Self-Censored
My Sajha Thread: Of Models And SuperModels


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