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Why Will Girija Not Seek A Common Sense Solution?

A new interim government is about to be formed. That means the entire cabinet will be reorganized. The Home Minister might have had to go regardless.

Girija is like a stopped clock that is right two times a day. For one, he is sick. I wonder how much time he puts into work daily. And what exactly does work mean to him? Sit in bed Mao style and get his close circle to read him out the papers?

This confrontation he has invited is unnecessary. But now he is faced with it.

His tieing Congressi Madhesi Mahantha Thakur's hands and sending him out to pasture, setting him up for failure, is telling of his anti-Madhesi prejudice.

Perhaps what Girija is lacking is not political skill, although that he is, but rather an attitude that Madhesis are equal to Pahadis. Girija is a Khas guy. He knows where his loyalties lie. That he has anointed Krishna Sitaula, another Khas, as the leader among the third generation Congressis is no accident. This is tribal politics.

The enormous Khas resistance to the…

Bill On Political Parties

Bill on Political Parties presented; parties to be barred from organising bandh NepalNews it will now be illegal for political parties to announce bandh ..... the bill proposes against wall-painting, pasting and graffiti-writing by parties on private properties without owners' consent. They are also asked not to vandalise public or private properties when organising their programs ..... prohibits the parties from enlisting corrupt persons, black-listed defaulters and those declared bankrupt by the court, as their members. It asks parties to make their executive committees inclusiveand properly keep asset lists of their office-bearers. ....... The bill also proposes that the state provide grants to the parties based on the votes they garner. Parties that garner at least one percent of votes in the national elections will be granted with proportional amount of resources. It has also made provisions regarding the donations or financing of the parties by national or international gove…

पुरे देशको प्यारालाइज कर दो

नहीं चािहए कंस िसटौलाका राजीनामा
अब तो िगिरजाको ही जानी होगी
इस पुरे सरकारको खसानी होगी

मधेश बन्द रहे
जब तक ये सरकार न िगरे
मधेश बन्द रहे

मधेशके प्रत्येक सरकारी कार्यालयके
साइनबोर्ड पर
िलख दो
मधेश सरकार, मधेश सरकार

उपेन्द्र यादव
अन्तिरम राष्ट्रपित बनेंगे
संघीय गणतन्त्रका घोषणा
उपेन्द्र यादव करेंगे

वार्ताकी अब कोइ गुंजायस नहीं रह गयी
अब तो िवजयकी अोर बढो
कोइ माङ मत करो
पुरी करानेकी कोइ माङ अब बाँकी नहीं रह गइ
अिधकार माङी नहीं जाती
अिधकार िछनी जाती है
िछन लो

नेवारको काठमाण्डु बन्द कर देनी होगी
नेवा राज्यकी स्थापना अभी होगी
िकरातको कहो पुर्वी पहाड पुरे बन्द कर दे
जब तक ये सरकार न खसे
तामाङको, गुरूङको बोलो
मुँह क्या ताक रहे हो
अा जाअो सडक पे
मधेशी क्रान्ित तुम्हारे िलए
उपहार लाई है
मगरको बोलो
ितब्बतीयोंके जैसी दासता चािहए
या वास्तवमें संघीय राज्य चािहए
संघीय गणतन्त्र चािहए
मधेशी जनजाित क्रान्ितमें
सम्िमस्रण हो जाअो

तुम्हें संघीय गणतन्त्र िमलेगी
अभी िमलेगी
जरूर िमलेगी

खसको खसान देंगे
बाँकी ले लेंगे
जो हमारा है
वो हम लेंगे

उपेन्द्र यादव
अन्तिरम राष्ट्रपित बनेंगे
अोम गुरूङ
अन्तिरम उपराष्ट्रपित बनेंगे
संघीय गणतन…

Nepalgunj II: This Is A Repeat

The Maoists disrupted the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum mass meeting recently in Nepalgunj. They used physical force to that effect. The state security forces did not intervene.

But now the state security forces have intervened. They went hand in hand with the illegitimate Maoist army to provide protection to Prachanda's mass meeting in that same town.

This is an exact repeat of what happened in Nepalgunj during the last week of December.

The Pahadis are saying, you saw it right, we did wrong, and we stand by it, and, by the way, we just performed a repeat. This is a challenge to the Madhesis worldwide.

I am not saying there should have been a Madhesi reprisal, that the Madhesis should have also gone ahead and disrupted the Maoist mass meeting.

But Prachanda's Nepalgunj visit was more like a royal visit back in the days. Who is Prachanda, the new Raja of Nepal? These was a total security blanket on the town. The state security forces participated in the welcome.

Not a single party in pow…

Eighth State: Khasan

Proposed Constitution

I propose an eight state federalism for Nepal: Madhesh, Tharuwan, Kirat, Newa, Tamang, Tamuwan, Magarat, Khasan.

The president has to be directly elected. And if no candidate gets at least 50% of the votes cast, a second round election between the two top candidates has to be held.

The central government has a lower and an upper house. I propose a total of 300 seats. Each state will get seats in direct proportion to its population. And the seats have to be roughly of equal population. For the upper house, the entire country is one constituency, and there is a separate ballot, and there are 100 seats. Any party that gets at least 1% of the votes qualifies. A party may not be armed. Other than that there are no rules. As in, it is perfectly okay to have ethnic parties. It is called the basic human right to peaceful assembly.

Each state is to have a lower and an upper house. Members of the lower house are directly elected in constituencies that are roughly of equal popu…

Arato: Well Meaning But Away From Ground Realities

Arato: Well Meaning But Away From Ground Realities

Professor Arato is a leading expert in his field, that of interim constitutions. I have heard it said that he is of global renown, a widely respected academic. I have had the honor to meet him a few times in person. He is a man of modest demeanor, approachable. He surely has a keen interest in Nepal. Above is the photo of him I took at the event.

The last time I met him was at The New School Event where I spoke.

He asked the first question during the Question Answer Session, my favorite part of the whole program, and he asked it to me. This article reads like an elaboration of that same question. I hope to offer an elaborate answer here myself.

The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos 2
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos
The New School Event: My Speech To Be Delivered

It worries me that someone of his stature is missing the picture. He seems to offer the same explanations as the ruling elites in Nepal today. The people are …