Contents 2006

Andolan Again
Congress Unification: Not Possible, Unnecessary
Indigenous Nationalities Peace Commission Nepal: Interim Constitution
Interim Army: You Can Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time
In Solidarity With The Kamaiya Movement
The Concept Of National Capital And The Maoists
Direct Elections, One Seat For Every 100,000 People, Reservations, Primaries
Federalism: Competing Maps
Sting Operations
SAJA Convention 2
SAJA Convention
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Representation In Constituent Assembly
MaHa Sanjh
FDI, NRN, Upendra Mahato, $100 Million Fund, Dual Citizenship
Time For Competition Will Come
Moriarty Was Wrong On The 12 Point Agreement
Political Decisions, House Dissolution, Maoist Transformation
RPP For Federalism Ahead of UML, NC And NC(D)
C.K. Lal: NRIs In Nepal
Gang Of Four And Mao And Girija And Pyar Jung
New Triangle: Maoists, Seven Parties, Civil Society
ANA Convention: Reflections
ANA Convention: My Hamro Nepal Speech
ANA Convention: Audio
ANA Convention 2006: Photos
ANA Convention Photos 15
ANA Convention Photos 14
ANA Convention Photos 13
ANA Convention Photos 12
ANA Convention Photos 11
ANA Convention Photos 10
ANA Convention Photos 9
ANA Convention Photos 8
ANA Convention Photos 7
ANA Convention Photos 6
ANA Convention Photos 5
ANA Convention Photos 4
ANA Convention Photos 3
ANA Convention Photos 2
ANA Convention Photos 1
My Federalism Is Economic, Scientific, Not Ethnic
Brian Cobb: Perpetual Andolan
Tara Niraula At City Hall
Interim Constitution Draft
Tara Niraula Recognized By NYC Government
Two Armies: What To Do
Rubbing The Maoist Nose In The Dust Is Not Smart
Countdown To The ANA Convention
Okay For Maoists To Join Government Before Arms Management
Reform The Nepali Organizations In America
Not So Fast, Indian Communists
Janajati Angst
Why It Is Important To Me The Congress Takes Up A Federal Republic
Nationally Televised Roundtable Conference
International Sanctions On Nepal Army Have To Continue
Madhesis, Social Justice, And The DaMaJaMa Equation In Nepal
Jason Fults
Why Were The Women Beat Up?
Rameshwor Shah: Inclusive Constituent Assembly
June 17 Madhesi Gathering In New York City
Madhesi Gathering Photos 2
Madhesi Gathering Photos
Nepali Mandir Board Meeting
Happy, Fast Pace
Mugabe Chor, Desh Chhor
The King Should Abdicate
Involve The UN In The Peace Process
Girija Koirala: Not In Tune With The April Revolution
Frustration, Chemical Imbalance, Mental Imbalance
Dr. Hari Bansh Jha: Bonds Beyond Borders
Bodyguards For Prachanda And Baburam
Exporting Revolution
UML Inching Towards Federalism
Bahun, Chhetri, Sunni
Abolish The Monarchy, Abolish The Army
Jay Prakash Gupta
June 7 Madhesi Rally In Janakpur
Monarchy, Army, Federalism
Aitabare Mela 2
Aitabare Mela
Dr. Binay Shah
Dr. Tara Niraula
40 Seats For Maoists, 25 For Others
Right To Property, Right To Free Speech
Nepal Janajati Statement From NYC
Nepal As A Cutting Edge Democracy
Bidya Bhandari: Power Woman
Who Will Hold The Constituent Assembly Elections
Somnath Ghimire: Why Republic
Somnath Ghimire, Family, Friends
Hamro Nepal Has Three Goals
Adivasi Janajati Talk At Harvard: Photos
Hindus, Chill
Dinesh Tripathi Appearance in Baltimore
Hamro Nepal Will Not Be Registered
What's Wrong With The ANA Convention
Democracy Diwali At The Nepali Mandir
Surya Bahadur Thapa
Janajati Sammelan At The New School
Constituent Assembly Elections Before Dashain
Dixit, Lawoti, Tamrat At Asia Society
A New Nepal Has Been Born
Prosecutors, Do Your Homework
Shobhakar Budhathoki: Transitioning The “Royal” Nepal Army
NYC Events
Public Trial
Somnath Ghimire: Open Letter To Deuba
Dr. Brian Cobb: Speech At Gongabu
Dr. Ram Krishna Shah
Pyar Jung's Toys
Revolution Has Moved From Sadak To Sansad, It Has Not Stopped
Hamro Nepal: Free Membership
UN Mediation Is Key
Land Reform, Truth And Reconciliation
Cat Outa Bag: Girija Koirala For Ceremonial Monarchy
Prachanda's Transitional Republic
Dissolve Parliament Only Two Months Before Constituent Assembly Elections
One Central Committee Member For Every Million Nepali
Top Dangi
मधेशीसँग संख्या छ, शिक्त छैन
Youth Council Victory Party
Hamro Nepal: Membership Drive
A Sad Article By Laba Karki
Prakash Bom For Strong Districts
We Took Care Of The King, Pyar Jung Is Small Fry
First Sunday Every Month, Aitabare Mela, Block Party Later
Where Is Kamal Thapa?
Internalized Racism Among Nepalis In NYC
The April Revolution Asks For A New Political Party
No Short Cuts: Madhesis Will Have To March
An Open Letter To Gagan Thapa
Zimbabwe: The Constitution Is Faulty
Adhikaar 2
Dismantle The Two Armies
To: The Kathmandu Media
Chitralekha Yadav: Speaker
Zimpundit: Zimbabwe
Undercurrents Of A Counter-Revolution
Maoist Posturing
Madhav Nepal
डा. कटक मल्ल: सुन्दर, शान्त र शिष्ट नेपालको निर्माणका लागि
The Revolution Is Very Much On
Reciprocate The Maoist Ceasefire Immediately
Army Under Parliament, Now
Mero Sansar Video Clips 7
Declare Constituent Assembly On First Day Of Parliament
Maoist Reaction To Democratic Victory: Not Right
Madhesi Rights: Total Equality
ितमीले देखाइ िदयौ
18 Days Of April Revolution: Victory
Kiran Nepal
Cobb To Leahy
Kiran Nepal, Dinesh Wagle
Brian Cobb: Savagery On The Roof Of The World
Nepal Has Hit The World Headlines
Home Minister: Bamdev Gautam
King Of India
My Most Controversial Blog Post To Date: On Madhesi Issue
King's Address: Old Wine, Old Bottle
Dinesh Wagle, Kiran Nepal In Town
House Revival Through Supreme Court Decision
कर्फ्यु तोड्न आह्वान गर्नेले
Could Girija Be President?
Sanjaya Parajuli In Brooklyn
Madhav Nepal Out In Open
Solidarity Rally DC
Smugglers, Sadists, Sycophants Have Infiltrated This Regime
Why The International Community Needs To Get Behind This Revolution
April 20: March Onto The Palace, End The Monarchy
Constituent Assembly: Still The Meeting Point
जाउलो खाएर क्रान्ित गर
Chand, Marich Man, Pashupati, Thapa, All Panches
The Art Of War, Bruce Lee
Mero Sansar Video Clips 6
End Of Ceausescu
30 Minutes With Amrit Bohra
Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Irrelevant
जनआन्दोलनको कार्यक्रम
Monarchy's End: A Few Scenarios
Video Blogging
Aire Gaire Natthu Khaire Pahadis
क्रान्ितलाई नबुझ्नु, बुझ पचाउनु
Henry Shepherd: Open Source
Baburam Bhattarai: Lokatantric Ganatantra Ko Prasab Bedana
Gongabu Massacre
Get The Police On Our Side
Brian Cobb, Brave Man
Hamro Nepal, Latest
Interim President: Madhav Nepal
UN Rally
First ANTA NYC Event, Times Square Marriott
No Room For Monarchy In The 21st Century: King
Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Monarchy
Nepali Congress Or Praja Parishad
Friday Rally
INSEC Report
Malaria, Polio, Monarchy
Hamro Nepal: Draft Constitution
Alliance Is Mad At You
Mike Veer: Has Nepal's Orange Revolution Begun?
The King Set To Declare Date For Elections
Nepali Mandir
ये तो क्रान्ित है
Mero Sansar Video Clips 5
Happy New Year 2063
Interim Constitution, Revolutionary Parliament
Shoot At Sight Order: Dead End For The King
Constituent Assembly: 300 Seats Of Roughly Equal Population
Crime, Organized Crime, Terrorism, State Terrorism
The Police, The Army Need To Stop Following Illegitimate Orders
April 8: New Year
BBC Calls
NYC Rally Photos: Arnico Panday
April 9
April Revolution: Document Every Atrocity
The Fascists In Kathmandu
Final Act: Disobey The Curfew
Himal Survey
April 6,7,8,9, April 16,17,18,19, April 26,27,28,29
Even If The Worst Fears About The Maoists Are True
Write To Bush, Condi Before Possible Clampdown
Leahy Amendment Says No Arms To Nepal
यो सडक ितम्र्ो हो
Kamal Thapa Is A Nazi
Why The Maoists Should Cease Violence
Hamro Nepal All Set To Be Launched
Loktantra, Issue 5
Deuba Off To DC
Kamal Thapa Going Jail, Kamal Thapa Chukkie Pissing
Deuba In Jackson Heights
Deuba At Hotel Pennsylvania
Hridayesh Tripathy Released
Dinesh Tripathi, Your Worst Nightmare
Deuba At Columbia
Plan B
Way To Go
Deuba, Abused
This Movement Is About The Nepali People, Not Foreign Powers
Fundraising Mechanism
No Time Pressure, Only Principle
Democracy Spreading Mechanism
Sushil Pyakurel
Needed: Dynamic Agreement, Concrete Eight Party Alliance
Pin Plan
Sushil Pyakurel In Brussels
Pumping Money Into The Movement
Surya Subedi, Not A Democrat
Sari Sansar At The UN
Chiran Thapa: Snafu
March 22 Event, Deuba In New York
Revise The 12 Point Agreement In Delhi
Undeclared Ceasefire, Decisive Movement
March 8 Event At The UN
The King's Clowns And The Baathists Of Iraq
Dinesh Tripathi Raising Dust
Moriarty In The Soup
Kanak Mani Dixit, Rhoderick Chalmers
Up The Ante: Smart Sanctions
Baburam Moriarty Debate
Mero Sansar Video Clips 4
India, Europe, US For A Constituent Assembly
Congress Not Yet For A Republic
Video Clips
March 2 Event In New York City
हृदयेश त्रिपाठी: मधेसी समस्या र राज्यको पुनर्संरचना
Govind Shah: Social Inclusion Of Madheshi Community In Nation Building
5 Point Agreement
February 20 Event In Baltimore
The King Is Nowhere Close To Seeing The Light
Moriarty Deserves Your Ears
The Demosphere Manifesto
OHCHR Report
Organization: Hamro Nepal
Narayan Singh Pun, I Want Your Number
संघीय गणतन्त्र
Activism And Entrepreneurship
Your Many Identities
Bravo Supreme Court
Blogalaxy For Global Democracy
The Maoists Are The Reason The King Should Handover Power To The Democrats
March 22 Event At Columbia
Mary Joyce
Lenin, Mao
Money, Message, Organization
"Robin Hood Im Internet"
We Want To Stop Bloodshed: Prachanda
Mero Sansar Video Clips 3
Lohani Baburam Debate
Possible Framework For A Negotiated Resolution
Nepal: One Year Of Royal Anarchy
German Journalist Lena Brochhagen Inquires
Leahy, Lion
A Democratic Roadmap That Does Not Rely On The King
Country On Verge Of Bankruptcy
My Address To The King
February 1 New York Rally Photos
Conspiring Against Democracy Is Treason And Can Be Legally Punished
ICG: Electing Chaos
February 1, 2006 Royal Proclamation
Non-Violence All The Way
कांग्रेसले रोज्नुपर्ने बाटो
One King Is Six Blind Men
Khim Lal Bhattarai Arrested
RNA To Deliver Mail
Loktantra Issue 1
Loktantra Issue 2
Loktantra Issue 3
Loktantra Issue 4
अहिंसाका प्रश्न
From The Past Issues Of Janadesh, Maoist Mouthpiece
France Or South Africa
Not Journalism But Politics At The Speed Of Thought
Blogger Receives Death Threat, Bloggers Form Union
Bloody Hell
Events To Mark 2/1
The Nepalgunj Attack: Military Stalemate Continues
Subedi Surya, Not Surya Subedi
How The Blogosphere Can Help The Democracy Movement In Nepal
The King Is Not Even Pretending
डा बाबुराम भट्टराईलाई शान्तिको सन्देश
डा बाबुराम भट्टराई: आन्दोलनको उत्कर्ष र त्रस्त सत्ता
Those In Nepal Should Take The Lead On Logistical Help From Diaspora
मधेशी अधिकारको कुरामा पहाडीहरुको सहभागीता
Hridayesh Tripathi Arrested
प्रवासी नेपाली: "नैतिक समर्थन कायम राख्दै भौतिक समर्थन थप्ने।"
NSU US Canada Chapter Press Statement
Video Clips For Sale 2
Video Clips For Sale 1
Umesh Shrestha: Pioneer
Republic Of Nepal Flag
Where Are The Second Generation Leaders?
भूपि शेरचन, गोपालप्रसाद रिमाल, प्रवर जिसी
Repressive Measures Intensify In Nepal Against Democratic Movement
Mero Sansar Video Clips 2
Curfew? What Curfew? Royal Tamasha
Our Options
मधेशी पहचान
Curfews Will Not Save The Crown
देशव्यापी पम्फलेटिङ
India, EU, US, Japan, UN Should Be Thinking Economic Sactions
Verdict: Loss Of Crown, Property And Liberty For Gyanendra Shaha
Prakash Chandra Lohani Is Off The Mark
Bamdev Gautam: January 20 On Schedule
प्रहार गरिहालौं
Dipta Shaha Is For February 8 Polls, I Am Against
Symposium At Columbia
Freedom Of Assembly Under Attack In Nepal
Baburam Bhattarai May Not Preach Violence To The Seven Party Alliance
Tea, Coffee Or Soda?
अइ आन्दोलनमें मधेशी अधिकारके बात
लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र नै किन?
Dinesh Prasain, Republican
Dinesh Tripathi, "Arthur Kinoy Of Nepal"
Loktantric Ganatantra Nai Kina?
Girija's House Revival Stand: The Real Reason
RPP Split Shows Monarchy Will End
Janakpur Rally, Biggest In Nepal Since 1990
What We Are Up Against
The Blame Game
My Proposal To The Saturday Symposium At Columbia
Anand Bist, Troublemaker
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
NAC Talk
Dinesh Tripathi In New York
Nepal Needs To Be Hitting The World Headlines: Write To The Media
Advisors, Doers, Donors, Supporters, Cheerleaders, Spectators, Whiners
चुनाव बहिष्कार बाहेक विकल्प छैन: सात दल
Satchit Is Still More B.S.
Dinesh Tripathi: In Person
PCP: Pahadi Chauvinist Pig
Forget Constituent Assembly, Head Straight For A Republic
King Gyanendra, Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way
A Militarist King And A Wasted Ceasefire
Flickr Tag: NepalDemocracy
Nice And Easy: President Nepal
Proposed Republican Constitution

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