Exemplary Relief And Reconstruction Through Digital Sharing

विवेकशील नेपाली (Vivekshil Nepali), a young political party led by Ujwal Thapa, is best positioned to take the lead on this effort. He could be Nepal's Arvind Kejriwal. It was the only party in Nepal to have responded immediately. His response was faster than Modi's. And although the scale of his work is small (500 volunteers and growing at last count), it is exemplary in its effectiveness. It is the germ of something big.

Nepal is Haiti. But then it is not Haiti. The biggest tragedy in the country's history to have hit the country that has been the most popular among Peace Corps volunteers in the entire existence of that program is a poor but a different kind of country. I think it is possible to set pace, and set an example for the world. Look, this is how relief and reconstruction is done.

Nepal is a poor country. It has poor roads. I don't judge. That is part of being a poor country. Similarly, Nepal's politicians and bureaucrats leave much to be desired for, collectively speaking. That is also part of being a poor country. So I don't judge, at least not too much. But the thing is, unless the political leadership gets world class, Nepal will remain poor. With the right leadership Nepal will have the option to become a developed country in 20 years. I place much hope in the likes of Ujwal Thapa and CK Raut. Like the Labor and the Scottish National Party might come together, it is possible Ujwal Thapa and CK Raut will go on to form an alliance down the line. And that would be a good thing. CK Raut already has a political base. Whereas Ujwal Thapa's political base is rather minuscule at this point. This tragedy would be a great fulcrum point to catapult Ujwal Thapa to the larger role he deserves.


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