Stop Already

Postpone this by a few months. Start this drama again after the monsoon rains are over, maybe. But right now is not the right time.

The UML is a flat out racist organization. Khas supremacist thinking is its only remaining ideology. This is a very calculated move on the part of the Home Minister to polarize the population in the Terai. They obviously want to pit the Parvates in the northern Terai against the Madhesis in the southern Terai.

They keep doing this again and again after all that happened in Gaur. This is diversionary tactics. They have utterly failed at relief and reconstruction, so they need the earthquake victims to look elsewhere. This is beyond cynical.

संघीयता मा नजाने र तराई का जिल्ला सदरमुकाम हरु एक पछि अर्को गर्दै मधेसी बाहुल्य क्षेत्र हरु बाट झिक्दै जाने ----- त्यो नियत होला, हो ---- तर अहिले भुकम्प पीड़ित को राहत उद्धार को काम मा असफल भए पछि जनताको अटेंशन अर्कै तिर तान्न खोजे जस्तो देखियो। बामे र केपी को यो दंगाको राजनीति।


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