Outlines Of A 100% Online Transparency Bill

(Subject to a wide review and discussion)

100% Online Transparency For The 2015 Earthquake Relief And Reconstruction Act

  • All funds and materials sent in, mobilized and earmarked for relief and reconstruction work by any and all actors including the Nepal government and the foreign governments will be subject to 100% online transparency through a website managed by a large number of Nepali volunteers globally. 
  • All pledges will be accounted for. The date of the pledge and the date when the funds were actually made available will be noted. The funds will be managed by the respective actors - governments and NGOs - but they will be subject to the 100% online transparency rules as a matter of law. 
  • Organizations that spend 5% or less on administrative work will be highlighted at the site and will be displayed on social media channels for further fundraising. 
  • Organizations that can connect individual donors globally to individuals families that are directly benefiting from that particular donation, complete with pictures and video clips shared on social media, will be displayed prominently on social media channels for further fundraising. 
  • Just like with the crowd sourced map of the on ground damage, relief and reconstruction work will be displayed on a rich multimedia map for the world to see. Every participating organization - governments and NGOs - must participate to tell the world what they did, where, and at what expense, in as real a time as possible, but always within a week. 
  • The IT volunteers managing the website should have a coordination committee of at least 51 people with a representative from each of the 51 largest donors, of which only half maybe government donors. Another 50 IT volunteers maybe added to that from among Nepalis across the world. This coordination committee will try and build a large army of social media enthusiasts who will help spread the word on relief and reconstruction work by widely sharing pictures and video clips of work as it gets done.
  • This act has been passed by the parliament of Nepal in an emergency session called for this very purpose. 


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