What Kills? Earthquakes? Collapsing Buildings? Or A Corrupt Government?

It is said, earthquakes don't kill people, collapsing buildings do. Maybe in Japan. In Nepal, collapsing buildings do kill people, but what really kills is a corrupt government.

Mass Action For Relief And Reconstruction
An Insane Act By The Nepal Government

Politicians and administrators known for their corrupt ways are looking at this biggest tragedy in Nepal's history and seeing this as their ticket to unprecedented wealth, and hence the call to try and grab all incoming aid. Did you note the call for cash? This can not be allowed. Instead, the global attention the earthquake has attracted, and the unprecedented unity among Nepalis it has brought about has to be used to do a thorough job of relief and reconstruction, and to kickstart the country out of its slumber, to take it to its deserved prosperous days.

The first 5,000 people died because they could not run to safety and buildings collapsed on them. The next 5,000 died because no one came for them for days. But another 10,000 might now die because the Nepal government decided to stand in the way of relief work.


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