Enough Trucks, Enough Helicopters

There is no excuse for the relief supply logjam at the airport. There are only between 500 and 1,000 villages that need air droppings of tents/tarps, food, water, medicine. Trucks are good for the capital city. Organize soup kitchens - roti/sabji - at all major street corners.

For a few days I was in shock, and I was 10,000 miles away. So, I understand. But now is way past all that. The relief supply logjam at the airport has no excuse.

I hear there are 200,000 tents stuck at the airport. That's enough for everyone who lost a home, and more. Get them out there. Tents/tarps are perhaps the number one need. Just air drop them in every village. Can be done in one day with five helicopters. People will figure out what to do with them. They will distribute among themselves. Trust them that much.

People also know how to use basic medicine, like antiseptics to help with basic wounds. Drop them from the air. Drop food.