The National Government Idea: A Good One

The biggest disaster in the country's history does deserve a national government, like is being proposed by many people. These are not normal times. The country could make use of a national government that might have a one year or even a two year term, after which business would go back to normal. But I fear this national government talk might just lead to political paralysis at this most unfortunate of times and make things worse if it does not materialize rapidly.

So either get it done rapidly, or let the idea pass. If the national government talk is going to reflect the talk on federalism, then it will make a bad situation worse. 

A national unity government can be an all party government. Or it can be a government of technocrats. 

But then this might be like tying the bell round the cat's neck. Why will Sushil or Bame admit failure? And if they will not, who will make them? And if a national government will again be formed in Sushil's leadership, how will that change things? Why will Sushil agree to step aside? He might claim he is duly democratically elected. 

A national government is an excellent idea, but the current government stands in its way, like it has stood in the way of great relief and reconstruction work. It is like when relief supplies were held at the airport for 10 days. 


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