The Corrupt Ones Are Worried About Money Laundering!

I am in disbelief.

Money laundering is a manageable problem.

First start with all organizations that are already registered as non profits in their countries of origin. Then get them to comply with 100% online transparency. And let them go do their work. Chances are organizations registered as non profits and with long tracks of good work will not engage in money laundering.

That alone will clear up 90% of the incoming funds.

Speed is of essence.

Shesh Ghale Tells It Like It Is
Mass Action For Relief And Reconstruction
An Insane Act By The Nepal Government

For example, it is a pretty good bet that the NRN organization and Shesh Ghale are not going to engage in money laundering. So let him get with it.

The COC (Center Of Corruption) that is the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) is the ultimate "money laundering" operation in the country.    


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