The Gods Must Be Crazy

I was just talking to my brother in Janakpur about this. Sunday evening. He lives in Kathmandu. He was in Kathmandu when the hit happened, the first one. Two days later he took a bus and moved to Janakpur, where he is now. He was planning to go back to Kathmandu in a week. I said, do what you have to do, work needs to be done. But some scientists are saying a bigger earthquake is coming. Not all are saying that. Seismologists don't know. Almost all are saying there will be smaller after shocks for months. But some are saying a bigger one will hit again, bigger than the first one, it could be weeks, it could be months, because there is a feeling all the built up pressure has not been released yet. And after over a fortnight of staring at post earthquake developments day in and day out, I decided to take a break this past weekend. Get back to work. Stop staring. Get sane. Go back to a normal schedule.

And I was on Twitter. I had just put out a blog post. And I was seeking to share it with some angel investors I follow. And I am looking for my Twitter lists, one of them has all those angels in one list. And I end up seeing the Twitter trending list. Nepal is trending. The description said, a second hit had happened. And my heart just sank. I quickly went to the Google News page. And there it is, top of the page. I have still not had the guts to click on any of the links.

This is not a case of government failure. The gods must be crazy.


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