The Nepal Government Should Compete For Funds

Much has been made about the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. There is an easy solution: compete. Nobody stops the government of Nepal from making a strong case and going out there and raising money. It should respond to the criticisms, and it should make a case, and it should go for it.

It is all about ROI, return on investment. It is a business term, but it also applies to governments.

It is being said that the Nepal Government, given the pledged funds by the various governments, will do a much better job, the ROI will be much higher, than if those foreign governments spent the money themselves. Haiti is being cited as an example. Heck, I am one of the people shouting Haiti! Haiti! Haiti!

Well then, make a case. Why is your ROI greater? How? By how much? Let's see some numbers. There are enough well educated people in Nepal, inside the government and outside, inside the country, and in the diaspora, to be able to do that.

Based on that case, lobbying efforts can be organized. If you want the $20 plus million pledged by the US government to go directly into the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, lobbying can be organized in Washington DC. Heck, there is an even better way. Do it online. America is a democracy. If enough Americans get convinced by you, and they act to reach out to their Congressman and Senators, the work will get done. A democracy responds to its citizens.


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