5 States, 75 Districts, 75 Parliamentary Constituencies

  • 5 States, their names to be decided through majority vote by their respective parliaments.
  • The 75 districts remain intact. 
  • There are only two direct elections in the country, one for the national parliament, another at the local level for wada chiefs and mayors and deputy mayors. 
  • The MPs elect the Prime Minister. 
  • The wada chiefs, mayors, deputy mayors elect the district government. 
  • Every elected leader in the country at all levels elect the country's president who is the constitutional head, and the Commander In Chief of the Nepal Army
  • The two direct elections are held during alternate two years, the dates decided autonomously by the Election Commission. 
  • The MPs are elected in each district at the district level. Districts that qualify for more than one MP are made multi member constituencies. Details on how multi member constituencies operate are in these blog posts from 2007.
Meeting Ground Between Congress And Maoists: 75 Multi Member Constituencies
Compromise Formula: 75 Multi Member Constituencies


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