Bahun Defensiveness

I just saw this tweet.
And I replied.
Let me explain.

In the context of Nepal, I am having to fight on behalf of Madhesis who are still nowhere close to achieving equality. The community stays marginalized. And there you are having to try and get the Bahun ruling class to see the light and make amends.

But those same Bahuns, on the global stage, are nobodies. They are the Madhesis on the global stage. That Bahun might fight the Hindi language tooth and nail in Nepal. But that Bahun needs Hindi to become the sixth UN language to achieve some respect on the global stage.

On the global stage as you claim the Nepali identity and join the fight to help Nepalis at large achieve a greater presence, you are basically fighting also for these Bahuns who are making your people struggle to achieve equality. Your people who are at the receiving end of what can only be called racism. The ethnic prejudice is alive and well.

Expecting a little empathy is not too much to ask for.


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