अमरेश को पक्षमा तर्क

अमरेश लाई काँग्रेस ले कारवाही गर्न मिल्दैन
  • काँग्रेस महासमिति ले पास गरेको एक मधेस तीन प्रदेश को नक्शा जसमा झापा देखि चितवन हुँदै कंचनपुर समेटिएको छ, जसका आधारमा काँग्रेस ले मधेस मा वोट माग्यो र चुनाव जित्यो, त्यस एक मधेस तीन प्रदेश को नक्शा लाई न अर्को महासमिति को निर्णय ले उल्ट्याएको छ न कुनै महाधिवेशन ले। पार्टी सभापति एक्लै ले उल्ट्याएका छन। सफाइ दिनुपर्ने पार्टी सभापति ले हो। 
  • अंतरिम संविधान, पहिलो संविधान सभा र दोस्रो संविधान सभा का सहमति हरु को गैर कानुनी अपमान प्रधान मंत्री बाट भएको छ। सर्वोच्च अदालत को आदेश को अपमान प्रधान मंत्री बाट भएको छ। चाहे त्यो मधेसी आयोग बनाउने आदेश होस् या १६ बुँदे विरुद्ध को आदेश। 
  • व्हिप जारी गर्न नमिल्ने संविधान सभा को सदस्य ले आफ्नो विवेकले देखेको बोल्ने हो। जनता मा संविधान मस्यौदा प्रति को रोष बुझ्ने र व्यक्त गर्ने काम नै जन प्रतिनिधि को हो। 
  • पार्टी संवैधानिक राजतन्त्र मा अडिग रहँदा गगन थापा ले गणतंत्र को कुरा गर्नु पार्टी को वैचारिक विकास को बाटो रह्यो। त्यति बेला राजतन्त्र को मुद्दा मा गगन ले जे गर्यो र अहिले प्रत्यक्ष निर्वाचित प्रधान मंत्री को मुद्दा मा जे गर्दैछ अहिले अमरेश ले मधेस को मुद्दा मा केही फरक गरेको छैन। 
  • गल्ती पार्टी सभापति बाट भएको छ र बारम्बार भएको छ। काँग्रेस महासमिति को निर्णय नमान्ने व्यक्ति पार्टी सभापति बनिरहन सक्दैन। अंतरिम संविधान को विरुद्ध जाने व्यक्ति प्रधान मंत्री बनिरहन सक्दैन। 
  • सुशील कोइराला ले पार्टी सभापति र प्रधान मंत्री दुबै पद बाट तुरुन्त राजीनामा दिनुपर्दछ। 

कांग्रेसले काट्यो अमरेशलाई स्पष्टीकरण पत्र
चित्तबुझ्दो जवाफ नदिए कारवाही गर्ने
उनले देश टुक्राउनेसम्मको अभिव्यक्ति दिएको आरोप पनि लागेको छ । त्यसबाहेक सभासद् सिंहलाई शीर्ष नेतालाई होच्चाउने, भारतीय दूतावास चाहर्ने, अपारदर्शी गतिविधि गर्ने गरेको आरोप पनि काग्रेसभित्रैबाट लाग्ने गरेको छ । सिंहले दूतावास जाने आफु पहिलो र अन्तिम नेता नभएको भन्दै काग्रेसभित्रकै अरु नेताको हैसियतमा पनि प्रश्न उठाएका थिए । ..... पत्रमा ‘पार्टीको नीति, निर्णय र विधान विपरित तपाईका अभिव्यक्ति आएकाले यस विषयमा स्पष्ट खुलाई जवाफ दिनुहोला । जवाफ दिनुभएन भने तपाईलाइ किन अनुशासनात्मक कारवाही नगर्ने ?’ उल्लेख रहेको काग्रेस स्रोतले बतायो । ..... उनले पछिल्लो पटक काग्रेसको निर्णय विपरित दलहरुवीच भएको १६ बुँदे सहमतिको विरोध गरेका थिए । सुरक्षासहित सरकारी सुविधा लिएको विषयमा पनि उनको काग्रेसभित्र आलोचाना हुने गरेको छ ।
Sushil Koirala proposes punishment for party dissident Singh
Earlier, Singh had gone against party’s line by publicly denouncing the preliminary draft of the constitution which was brought without delineation of federal provinces and had accused the party of disregarding the Supreme Court’s orders. Singh had also boycotted public feedback collection programme held by the Constitution Assembly. The source said that all the central members have suggested punishing Singh after asking for clarification from the party’s disciplinary committee or parliamentary party.
PM wants to finalise state delineation before constitution
Irresolute nation
As Nepal fumbles with identity issues, an open threat of separatism raises new concerns.
the raised voice of Amresh Kumar Singh, a CA member from the ruling Nepali Congress, who said that they would be forced to go for a separate country if they did not get the province they were demanding. A CA member openly advocating secession was the last thing the House expected. Singh has ever since come in for sharp criticism. ....... Singh has never been free of controversy in the last nine years of transition and turbulence. His estranged wife, now divorced, accused him of using his clout in the Indian establishment to get her thrown out of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune and deported. The FTII was forced to take her back, following strong protests from the International Women’s Development Agency and others. India’s then home minister, P. Chidambaram, had to personally look into the case about six years ago. That did not stop Singh from claiming time and again that he was a person India trusted on Nepal affairs. ...... Singh’s public appearances with Indian diplomats, including ambassadors, continued to strengthen that claim. His recent secessionist threat, however, has triggered protests in Nepal, with some people demanding that his membership of the House be terminated. Most CA members do not believe that he enjoys India’s support any more, especially after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clear assertion during his visit to Nepal last year that India recognised “one Nepal”, and not separate entities of Madhes or the hills. ........ Even the army has written to the CA that the current draft of the constitution undermines its role and position in national security and, thus, the draft is not acceptable to it. The Supreme Court, the election commission, the police and major institutions of state have their reservations about the draft as well. But it is not yet clear whether the CA will be willing to accept all these grievances within the two-week deadline that has been set for delivering the constitution. ....... An equally strong view also favours a directly elected head of executive. ....... “We will be signing our own death warrant if we issue the draft as it is,” said Bhattarai on Wednesday.


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