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Posted by Rmahto Secretariat on Sunday, August 30, 2015

Want white-collar job? Try English, and not quota
The only niggle in my otherwise convinced mind in 1985 was: why were we opposing reservations when none of us Patels seemed inclined either to education or government service? ...... There is not a single graduate in my family and the only Patel with a white -collar job I know is… me. Loser. The black sheep in a clan that otherwise excels at running motels and building malls. ...... the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has denied the children of Gujarat’s poor families access to English for 20 years. It is the reason why you, though middle class and educated, do not speak it yourself. ...... ABCD is not taught in Gujarat’s government schools till Class 5, by which time it is too late. An entire generation has been denied entry into the middle class through white-collar jobs because of this. ...... There is one very easy way for Patels to get white-collar jobs. You need to leave Gujarat and go to a place that is called ‘India’. You should visit it. It has cities like ‘Bangalore’ and ‘Mumbai’ and ‘Gurgaon’ and ‘Noida’ and ‘Chennai’ and ‘Hyderabad’. In these places people, including the children of servants and drivers, have been entering the middle class through white-collar jobs in the last decade. There is not as much whining about reservations by the urban middle class in these cities any longer. Want to know why? English. ....... Gujarat is the only major state whose GDP split favours manufacturing over services? Betcha didn’t. What that means is: more blue-collar jobs than white-collar jobs.


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