Connecting The Dots Of The Madhesi Political Consciousness

Morcha may care about proportional representation, how constituencies are determined and other details in the constitution. Ordinary Madheshis do not. Madheshis feel suppressed and ignored by leaders they elected even though the leaders were not from Morcha. They feel cheated. Millions are just ordinary Madheshis, not Morcha.
This is shocking to me. It comes from someone I personally know, is from my hometown, who is very smart. But the gulf in political consciousness is mind boggling. These are the people who vote for the three Bahun parties in large numbers, like they did the last time. These are the Madhesis from the three big parties who all voted for the gravely unjust constitution just a few days back. They were herded like cattle by their party leaders.

But if you don't care about "proportional representation, how constituencies are determined," why do you then complain about the obvious injustice? I'd go ahead and call it fascism.
my three year old nephew blurted out in Maithili, "Police kehan pagal hai". This translates to "Police has gone mad". I was shocked to hear my three year old nephew say those words against the police that symbolize power, safety and justice. So I inquired further. She described that two days before, as police chased a group of protesters, a teenager was caught and had been beaten mercilessly by three members of the police. ....... Some non-Madheshis have had the decency to show concern after two children in Bhairahawa were killed in their homes from police firing. "Don't send your children to the protests", others say. ...... police shot civilians on their back while they were fleeing. In other words, protesters posed no threat and yet they were killed ...... Police have shot civilians on their head and chest, while the laws dictate that they should be shot below knees.


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