Ease Of Doing Business

देश विकास का लागि चाहिएको नंबर एक कुरा। Ease Of Doing Business मा राम्रो रैंकिंग।

Ease of doing business index
सीके राउत को आलोचना

Gujarat tops ease of doing business ranking among states
The western Indian state, three other BJP ruled states and one led by a party ally occupied the top five places on the list, which also highlights the poor state of business environment in a large number of states. ...... Chandrababu Naidu-headed Andhra Pradesh was second on the list, followed by the central Indian states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, all ruled by the BJP. Bihar, which goes to election next month, was at the 21st spot. ......

India is 142nd on he list of 189 countries. The government wants India to breaking into the top 50 at the earliest. It expects to make it to the top 100 in the next ranking.

..... States were given six months to improve business environment based on98 parameters in December ..... Punjab is ranked highest with an 81.4 per cent score for setting up a business. The state has launched an online single-window system for registrations and licences that cover most of the regulatory services. ...... Gujarat has a 100 per cent score for complying with environment procedures while Jharkhand has got 100 per cent for that on labour regulations. "Reforms today will lead to investments many years down the line. India has to make it easy for India to invest in India ...... on an average, only 32 per cent of the proposed reforms have been implemented cross the country. The implementation of reforms regarding inspection and enforcement of contracts, which necessitate medium term actions, stands at less than 20 per cent.


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